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Megapixel IP Solutions

Why capture the perpetrator of a crime if the image quality is so poor there is little chance you could ever identify him/her.

Mega Pixel cameras allow incredibly detailed, high-definition footage to be viewed, stored and instantly recalled. Mega Pixel CCTV gives you a better chance of identifying a suspect in order to gain a conviction and offers numerous benefits to you over traditional analogue CCTV.

Benefits of using Mega Pixel HD CCTV:

  • Allows you to actively identify suspects
  • Lossless compression ensures a level of quality suitable for use as evidence in order to gain successful convictions
  • Clear identification of facial features
  • Cost-effective recording
  • Fewer cameras required, resulting in cheaper installations and less bandwidth usage
  • Up to 15 times higher resolution when compared with analogue systems
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Superior image quality – utilising progressive scan and mega pixel technologies
  • Flexible and easy to upgrade to suit future requirements
  • Simpler and more cost-effective installations
  • Allows for better integration with other security systems

Existing Mega Pixel clients Include:
Chelsea FC, Silverstone, Master melt, Hitchin Girls School, Langley Grammar School

Avigilon Approved Installer
Avigilon Approved CCTV Installer

See the level of detail our cameras can pick up.

See the level of detail our camera can pick up

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