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iC2 ICT services let you obtain access to the expertise you need to ensure computer networks remain safe. Whenever compliance, privacy and data protection are key considerations, we ensure networked security systems remain properly protected, reducing risk to the organisation as well as employees, site users and visitors.

However, the benefits of iC2 ICT services extend far beyond this.

In the age of integrated IP CCTV and security systems iC2 ICT services do more than just help with the important requirement of securing networks. We provide a full menu of services to support the use of technology across your organisation.

Investment by public and private organisations in technology is considerable. There is an over-arching need to obtain value. For new equipment or software, deployment needs to be managed. Whether it’s new or existing, it needs to function and be operated correctly and maintained appropriately. Our services provide the installation, training, maintenance and support services to help organisations and businesses to realise the value of technology investment.

iC2 ICT support solutions for schools

iC2 provides a comprehensive set of ICT services to make sure ICT in schools runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need to support ICT in the classroom or back up the ICT team in looking after the server, storage and network infrastructure, iC2 is able to provide the expertise and experience needed. We tailor and manage the services you require, creating the specific ICT support solution each school requires.

With many years’ experience in the technology industry, we can either support existing equipment or help you create an upgrade schedule that fulfils your requirements. We offer the highest possible level of support to all our school clients to make sure that your ICT facilities remain ready to support learning.

Our services

Weave our ICT services into a solution that meets your needs

Free no obligation site survey – Assessing your current setup and identifying ways to improve efficiency and productivity.
Onsite or Remote support – Dedicated engineers with advanced specialised skills and remote helpdesk support team for schools to provide sustained continuity. Primary schools have the option of half day or full day support along with 2nd and 3rd line support when required.
Bespoke Network Installation – Tailoring solutions to your specific needs.
Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Printers – Procurement of hardware from approved vendors and partners at a discount.
Server Virtualization – Consolidating servers onto less hardware, increasing efficiency and reducing the cost of your electricity.
ICT Suite Setup – Renovating an existing ICT suite or transforming a space into something that can be the hub of IT at your school.
WIFI – Seamless Wireless connection across the whole site. No connection lost when moving around the school with a device. Different SSID for guests ensuring data and safety of users is not compromised.
Audio visual / Interactive screens – Installation of interactive screens to allow students and teachers to touch, collaborate and share the display intuitively.
Mobile Device Management – Managing mobile devices with android or iOS operating systems centrally, deploying apps, mirroring devices on interactive screens to promote immersive/interactive learning and also tracing devices in case of theft.

Data Security and Internet Services – Our approach to data security gives you more operational insight, faster detection for spam and malware with real-time protection and better mitigation strategies. Our internet services meet approved standards, cheaper, more reliable and a shorter contract than LGFL.
Secure Cloud Backup – Secure, UK-based and Capita SIMS accredited online backup for the education market.
Remote Desktop Access – Enabling users access to applications and data on network remotely computer and securely from anywhere.
Efficient Helpdesk System – Issues are responded to in a professional and timely manner with reports being provided quarterly proactively.
Technology concierge service – Helping schools through the often daunting task of choosing the right equipment, Software and Apps.
Apple Mac Installation – From pre-installation testing and configuration through to on-site installation and training.
Web and App design – Custom made web and mobile device – android and IOS made and tested to your requirement.
Working with schools to go paperless – Partnership products enabling payment online emailing and messaging parents thus saving time and money.
Green IT Disposal – Collection and reprocessing of your end of life IT equipment, giving you complete peace of mind.
Training – Providing training for any ICT requirements from basic computer use to advanced software usage techniques.

Summary of iC2 ICT benefits

  • Comprehensive menu of services from which to build your ideal ICT support solution
  • Experienced team with expert knowledge from 1st to 3rd line
  • Enables value to be obtained from technology investment
  • Smoother more efficient ICT
  • Support your internal ICT team by offloading support overflow

Take the first step to transforming ICT support today. Choose iC2 for your ICT support solution.

Find out more how to weave our ICT services into a support solution that’s right for your organisation contact us today. Simply call: 020 3747 1800 or email: or ask us to call you via our Request a quote form.

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