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Multi-sector experience and integrated security solutions from a company with the highest available voluntary accreditations.

iC2 tailors innovative security solutions to meet the specific requirements of organisations across business, industry and commerce. When it comes to security, there’s no room for a one-size-fits-all, off the peg approach, because the security needs of different sectors vary enormously.

What works for protecting a luxury brand flagship store doesn’t directly translate for safeguarding over 40,000 fans in a stadium. Healthcare facilities have their special requirements as do educational establishments; what’s appropriate for prestige buildings and hospitality doesn’t directly overlay onto a food and beverage production plant.

Our experience in a wide range of sectors combines with our technical expertise to ensure we take into consideration the unique requirements of each individual site. Using best practice of Risk Assessment enables us to make sure nothing is omitted during the consultancy and design stages of creating a solution that is fit for purpose.

The primary objective might be perimeter security and vehicle entry and exit. It could be employee productivity, conduct and activity, or the operation of machinery. Or it might be surveillance monitoring of health and safety and compliance with operational procedural. Whatever the security mission our integrated systems are brought under control one easy to control system.

CCTV is often the core of an integrated security solution. iC2 provides all the service and support required to ensure your integrated security solution delivers value. Whatever business you are in, our business is providing you with the security system you need to meet your protection objectives.

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