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CCTV for Car Parks

Vehicle-related crime is a major concern for the general public when leaving their vehicle unattended in a public area. The unease isn’t entirely unwarranted, given it represents 13% of UK crime, and 20% of this occurs in public car parks.

Whether you are managing a council-owned multi-storey, or your venue has an adjacent area for people to leave their cars, implementing effective car park CCTV can ease vehicle owner anxiety, build a reputation as a safe area to park and significantly deter crime. Some Home Office statistics show that adopting proper design and management practices can reduce car park crime by up to 80%.

iC2’s security solutions and CCTV for car parks can offer appropriate protection against the risk of car crime on the premises that you operate. We offer ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition), and any of our cameras can be integrated with access control systems, gates and barriers to effectively deter, stop or prosecute instances of car crime. This can also help ensure that motorists do not leave the car park without paying appropriate charges.

Why choose iC2 for car park CCTV?

iC2 holds every available accreditation in the security industry, so you rest assured that our solutions are effective. Our leadership team have over 100 years of combined experience, and we operate with full adherence to CQC and all other applicable compliance codes, including the Data Protection Act and GDPR.

We have worked with councils and public bodies to successfully improve safety on their streets, as well as securing parking zones around commercial premises like football grounds, hotels and festival sites.

What are the options?

Used across the country by local authorities, police, petrol stations, security services and more, our ANPR cameras provide HD accuracy, allowing you to filter who you want on your premises through watchlists, email alerts and on-screen alarms. One of our options is Paxton Net2 Number Plate Reader ANPR cameras, capable of reading approaching cars before they stop using a built-in infrared system. This information is then passed on to the fully integrated Net2 network so that your gates or barriers can respond quickly.

We can tailor our security solutions to suit your unique needs, and our team of expertly trained professionals can install your system with minimal interruptions to your work. For a full range of our security options, see below:

  • CCTV
  • Analytics
  • ANPR
  • Remote monitoring
  • Access control
  • Gates/barriers
  • Fire alarms
  • Intruder alarms
  • Rising bollards

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