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Security Gates, Electric Automated Sliding Gates and Security Barriers

Security Gates, Electric Automated Sliding Gates and Security Barriers

Our automated sliding gates/barriers are usually accessed via a fob or a swipe card system and can also include a visitor intercom. Intercom systems can be either audio, which allows you to confirm who is requesting access, or audio with video supplement, which allows you to see who is trying to gain access to your premises.
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How do Electric Automated Sliding Gates and Barriers work?

Vehicle gate/barrier entry systems operate by a radio fob transmitter that opens the gate/barrier automatically and closes the gate after a vehicle has passed through. Leaving the site through our gates and barriers can be managed in many ways, from the free exit, which is triggered by a ground loop sunken into the road, to fully controlled permission to exit is required, which is controlled by your security system.

Why choose iC2 automated sliding gates and barriers?

iC2 is a FAAC and BFT approved installer, meaning your systems will be tailored to your needs and sourced from the world’s leading industry specialists. Highly functional, reliable, cost-effective and durable, our gates and barriers are innovative and can be adapted to suit any security need.

What are the benefits of electric automated sliding gates and barriers?

  • Easy pedestrian usage, with fob or swipe card access available
  • Complete control of who enters and exits your grounds
  • Timer features allow you to leave gates open at peak times
  • Intercom systems allow gates to be monitored remotely
  • ANPR camera systems can be integrated
  • Remote management via mobile
  • Ground loop safety features
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