Security Turnstile Installation in London


Turnstile systems are ideal for unmanned premises or locations that are often left unsupervised.

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How do automated turnstiles work?

Our systems use anti pass-back facilities, so if someone enters the site, they cannot pass the card through the turnstile to allow someone else to enter. They can also be fitted with biometric readers, ideal for sites that require speedy but secure access for a large amount of users daily.

Why choose automated turnstiles?

The anti pass-back and biometric solutions both enable you to manage your turnstiles so that you can block and ban any user quickly and easily. Linked to access control software which can be managed via a PC, our turnstiles are simple to manage and an efficient way to control access to your site.

What are the benefits of automated turnstiles?

  • Ideal for managed access of multiple users
  • Able to leave unmanned
  • Can be managed remotely via PC
  • Instant barring of users
  • Easy to add, alter and delete users
  • Biometric reader access available
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