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Commercial Access Control Systems And Intercom Services

Commercial Access Control Management Systems provide ease of use and flexibility when compared with key-based systems.

Access control lets you manage entry and exit to your site and buildings through doors, revolving doors, turnstiles, gates and barriers. The systems are also deployed to manage access to secure or areas of high sensitivity within your buildings.

Access control lets you operate entrances and exits by any of the following:

  • Entering a code into a keypad
  • Presenting a key fob or token
  • Swiping a card

Advanced systems where accompanied entry or exit policies need to be enforced are easily accommodated through the use of a two part ‘binary’ system requiring two tokens, cards or fobs to be presented simultaneously to control access. An example of where this is highly desirable is in the use of mother and baby tags in maternity units.

Access control systems may be standalone, appended to an existing security system or deployed as part of a totally integrated security solution design. Integration with CCTV and voice access systems ensures visual or password verification of persons passing in or out of access-controlled areas. iC2 access control systems fully support remote applications to enable monitoring at your onsite security stations or at offsite compliant monitoring sites, wherever in London or the UK your business is based.

Access control has low running costs, improves security, and with user-friendly software, lets you easily manage your system locally or remotely from a networked PC.

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Biometric Access Control Systems

Intercom and Access Control Systems

Biometric data is one of the most reliable ways of quickly and accurately determining whether an individual presenting themselves for entry is authorised. Currently fingerprint reading is the standard biometric factor used to establish the identity of an individual. Efficiency and reliability are the watchwords for fingerprint enabled access control systems from biometric technology leader ievo.

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avigilon camera system

Paxton Access Control systems provide a true systems approach to access control, enabling the configuration of multiple external and internal doors to meet your security needs. You might just need to enable access to those authorised through external entrances and exits, or you might want more sophisticated access arrangements to let those with permission enter secure internal areas as well. However you need it set up, Paxton delivers the flexibility to accommodate your access control requirements.

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