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Discover The Power Of Fully Integrated Commercial Security Systems

iC2’s team are experts in working on large sites and understand the precautions that must be taken when dealing with the commercial sector. Our highly trained experts carry out seamless and efficient installations that won’t affect your business. iC2 also work with facilities management companies to provide our cutting-edge security systems to various clients under the umbrella of a facilities management agency. 

Why choose ic2 for commercial sector security?

Our experience and knowledge of your sector sets us apart from the rest. With iC2 you can be confident your security system meets all Data Protection guidelines and the systems we use will always be bespoke to your building or site.

Our systems can also provide you with unique and innovative ways of monitoring your operations to make sure your staff are following health and safety requirements and machines are operating successfully. This allows you to identify problems quickly and easily using one control centre to monitor all areas of your site.

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What are the options?

Whether you need to upgrade your existing network or install a completely new security system, we’ll be able to cater to your needs. A list of the services and products we offer are below.

We also offer fully integrated systems, meaning you can control all your security from one common control system. To find out more get in contact today at 020 4538 1075 or send us an email at info@ic2cctv.com

Who have we worked with?

In 2012 iC2 was made an approved supplier of electronic security for Associated British Foods, an international Food group which includes Twinings Tea, British Sugar, ABN Agri, Allied Bakeries, Jordan’s Ryvita and Frontier Agriculture. We work with these companies to bring them powerful security solutions maintained by us that help monitor staff and sites efficiently and effectively.

CCTV Analytics

Your security network should allow you to know what’s happening on your site and monitor everything that’s taking place, whether you’re there or not. Analytics provide this and more, making your cameras smarter by accurately identifying people, vehicles such as cars and lorries and even boats by comparing an object’s appearance and motion.


Wireless CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly popular for use on a wide variety of sites. If you’re on a strict deadline or don’t want to spend additional time and money on cable installations, wireless CCTV solutions can provide a quick and easy alternative without compromising on security.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is widely used by local authorities, police, petrol stations, academic institutions and security services. Our ANPR cameras provide HD accuracy, meaning you can create watchlists, email alerts and on-screen alarms for vehicles you may not want on your premises.

Mega Pixel Cameras

IP CCTV is the most practical CCTV solution for the modern day. Connecting to your building’s existing IP network, instead of creating a new one, our IP CCTV systems provide greater flexibility, take up less room and integrate seamlessly with your existing IP network.


Replacing your entire camera network can be expensive, time consuming and disruptive, but keeping your old analogue system could cost you more if the footage doesn’t stand up in court.

HD CCTV Installation

CCTV has been around since 1942. However, until relatively recently low resolution and grainy images mean it has been of limited capability. It is only since digitisation started to change the industry in 1997 that CCTV began to evolve to become the powerful security tool that it is today.

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7 Frequent Mistakes When Selecting CCTV and Integrated Security Solutions

Our guide '7 frequent mistakes when selecting CCTV and integrated security solutions’ helps you avoid the main pitfalls when choosing a service provider.

The guide discusses:

● The importance of checking supplier credentials such as industry accreditations and references
● The requirement for a consultative approach and technical expertise so that systems are fit for purpose
● The need to consider the quality of hardware, installation and ongoing support services

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Case Study

Bolton Council

iC2 made a problematic site safer for Bolton Council, protecting the community and the environment with a technically elegant solution for a fly-tipping hotspot.

Case Study

Chelsea FC

iC2 was appointed by Chelsea to help the club fulfil all of their necessary security requirements for Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas. This involved the design and installation of a state-of-the-art surveillance system, which would adhere to all of Chelsea’s health and safety and operational compliance.



“It is essential that we work with a company who understands our needs and responds to them. iC2 continue to deliver.”



“The main reason I chose iC2 was the level of service they offered and the professionalism of their engineers. I felt they provided a personal service and highly qualified and efficient engineers. I went away from the big name providers because of the inconsistency with maintenance and the lack of a personal service. I’m very happy we brought in iC2.”

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