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CCTV and data protection: Understand privacy impact assessment, passport to compliance and GDPR

A guide to help understand the need for the new GDPR data security standard.

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7 frequent mistakes when selecting CCTV and integrated security solutions

How to ensure a CCTV solution is fit for the purpose intended

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CCTV FAQ: A Buyers Guide

Frequently Asked Questions when buying CCTV security systems

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7 reasons why it's time to upgrade to IP CCTV

Performance, consolidation and reduced cost advantages of networked CCTV security systems

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Q&A guide: CCTV code of practice and Data Protection Act compliance

The ICO surveillance camera code of practice, the DPA and avoiding financial penalty for non-compliance in protecting personal information

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Hold fire: Fire risk assessment Q&A

A quick guide to fire risk assessment to help understand the best way of ensuring compliance with the fire safety regulations

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The hidden benefits of CCTV

A quick guide to the less obvious advantages of CCTV and some tips for maximising value

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5 ways to get locked up with electric gates

How to ensure powered gates are safe to use and fit for purpose

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iC2 Too many cameras too few eyes: Making CCTV more effective

A guide to advances in technology and compliance transforming the ability of CCTV to help protect people, places and property

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The convergence of security systems and computer infrastructure

A quick guide to the convergence of security systems and computer infrastructure

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Appropriate response: A guide to security system integration, monitoring and verification

The benefits of integrating intruder, fire, access control and audio systems with CCTV for verification of alarm activation

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CCTV, compliance and the NHS: A guide to wellbeing for hospital security managers

A quick guide to help those responsible for security in healthcare facilities to better understand CCTV compliance in NHS trusts and adult social care settings.

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CCTV, the ICO and the DPA: Tightening compliance through increased regulatory power

A discussion of likely changes to the regulatory framework governing the storage and use of personally identifiable information.

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School security calculator: Is your school high, medium or low risk?

A guide to identifying the security risks to schools and the right countermeasures to put in place

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School fire risk calculator: Is your school high, medium or low risk?

A guide to determine your school's fire safety risk and the fire safety management options that are appropriate for the level of risk.

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CCTV's Greatest Hits: 10 top tips for movers, shakers and upgraders

A quick guide with tips and advice for reviewing CCTV security to make protection more effective and improve value.

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12 ways to protect CCTV from cyber attack

A guide to help you defend against cyber attacks to prevent your CCTV and integrated security systems from being hacked.

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The burglar's guide to avoiding detection by CCTV

A quick guide outlining the security risks associated with CCTV cameras being disabled

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Run Hide Tell: Getting outside or inside of school buildings quickly

How to enhance the capability for rapid evacuation and invacuation, and achieve 'lockdown' to secure a school site.

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Enterprising wireless: Efficiency and security in larger IT environments

A quick guide to overcoming the challenges of Wi-Fi connectivity in the enterprise.

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Securing the rural economy: Protecting the countryside and businesses from crime

A guide to rural crime and how CCTV and integrated systems can deter and detect crime and identify criminals.

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Protecting the fruits of success: A security guide for high-net-worth individuals

A security guide for high-net-worth individuals on how to defend wealthy and public figures from crime and harm.

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A question of quality: Safety and security in the Food & Beverage sector

A quick guide discussing CCTV, quality assurance and meeting compliance in processing and production.

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Safe and tight: Lockdown in schools

A guide to help those with responsibility for safeguarding in schools to understand how to create safer learning environments.

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iC2 was appointed by Chelsea to help the club fulfil all of their necessary security requirements for Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas. This involved the design and installation of a state-of-the-art surveillance system, which would adhere to all of Chelsea’s health and safety and operational compliance.

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