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Wireless CCTV Camera Systems

If you’re on a strict deadline or don’t want to spend time and money on cable installations, wireless CCTV solutions could provide you with a quick and easy solution, without compromising on security.

Installing wired CCTV cameras on your site can be a complicated, time-consuming and costly experience, involving a street dig or signing line contracts to ensure backhaul connectivity. This process can increase your security costs and extend the duration of your project considerably beyond what you will have hoped for.

For this reason, wireless CCTV cameras are becoming increasingly popular for use on a wide variety of sites. If you’re on a strict deadline or don’t want to spend additional time and money on cable installations, wireless CCTV solutions can provide a quick and easy alternative without compromising on security.

How does a wireless CCTV system work?

Although some cameras are battery-operated, most wireless systems still need to be plugged in. The ‘wireless’ aspect refers instead to the transmission of video and audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band. This technology is ideal for body-worn cameras, allowing for more real-time monitoring and opens up the possibility of viewing or storing your CCTV footage on a Cloud system.

Unlike most traditional services, wireless CCTV doesn’t require any underground ducts to be installed. You can still opt for internet protocol (IP), 3G or even COFDM transmitting with wireless CCTV, the only real difference being the ease of installation.

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Why choose Wireless CCTV Cameras?

It’s the ideal solution for the modern age and can save you time, money and hassle. You won’t need to get planning permissions, block off roads or tear up your existing grounds and you can knock weeks off of your completion date. Wireless CCTV cameras are equally as easy to uninstall, allowing for increased flexibility on your site should it be subject to change or re-organisation. This, in turn, can reduce your security costs.

What are the benefits?

● Quick, hassle-free installations

● Could be completed in just one day

● No Civil work required

● Less planning needed than traditional solutions

● Incredible value for money

● Temporary installations options available

● Trusted by Alton Towers, Warwick Castle and most UK authorities

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Options available

Rapid and re-deployment cameras

● Covert and body-worn cameras

● Wireless mesh systems

● IP, 3G, and COFDM transmission

● Self-healing networks

● Licensed or unlicensed bandwidth

Regardless of what sector you’re operating in or where you are in London or the UK, iC2’s wireless CCTV solutions provide time-efficient and cost-reducing performance to help you achieve your security objectives.

IP/Mega Pixel

IP CCTV is the most practical CCTV solution for the modern day. Connecting to your building’s existing IP network, instead of creating a new one, our IP CCTV systems provide greater flexibility, take up less room and integrate seamlessly with your existing IP network.


Encoding improves the quality of your footage while still retaining your current cameras network  and allows you to upgrade your current network to the latest IP-based surveillance without replacing it, saving you time and money, while ensuring the safety and security of your site.

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CCTV FAQ: A Buyers Guide

Our paper ‘CCTV FAQ: A Buyers Guide’ helps those purchasing and commissioning CCTV to make better decisions by providing pointers and guidance on some key questions.

The guide contains information on:

● How to ensure your system is fit for purpose with a security risk assessment and the compliance implications of CCTV and the data collected

● The advantages of IP CCTV and the improving security by integrating alarm and access control systems

● Determining the value of a system and the credentials that help identify a good supplier with the right capability

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Case Study

Bolton Council

iC2 made a problematic site safer for Bolton Council, protecting the community and the environment with a technically elegant solution for a fly-tipping hotspot.

Case Study

Chelsea FC

iC2 was appointed by Chelsea to help the club fulfil all of their necessary security requirements for Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas. This involved the design and installation of a state-of-the-art surveillance system, which would adhere to all of Chelsea’s health and safety and operational compliance.

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