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9 Key Things To Consider When Having A Perimeter Control Security System Installed

If you are thinking of installing a perimeter control security system, there are a few things that would be worth considering. They include:

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Locks are an important consideration in the design of perimeter security. To prevent forced entry, locks should be constructed of hardened metal alloys and the hasp and chain should be equally strong as they may also be targeted. If the chains are weak, the strength of the lock will not prevent an intruder from breaking in. With regards to covert entry, thought needs to go into how to prevent lock bumping and lockpicking.

Walls And Fencing

High walls offer privacy and create an obstacle to illegal entry, but they can also provide better cover for the intruder. If you decide to install high walls as a form of high-security perimeter protection, you will also require better monitoring, which can be in the form of perimeter security camera systems or security guards.

CCTV Cameras

Many perimeter security systems rely heavily on CCTV cameras for monitoring their site. High-quality cameras will be required that can capture clear video throughout the day and night in order to obtain footage that would be admissible in the prosecution of  any intruders.


A gate should be the only point in your security system that allow entry past the building’s perimeter. This will require to have a secure locking mechanism and a door entry control system to monitor arrivals and departures.


Lighting needs to be carefully chosen for your perimeter system and be able to take in to account where shadows from any large obstructions such as trees, buildings etc may affect visibility and permit intruders some cover.  Motion activated lights would be the best solution as they will turn on when there is movement.

 Alerts And Notifications

In order to receive an alert when there is a breach or an attempted breach, you will need an alarm and notification system. CCTV camera systems and Intruder Alarm systems can both be monitored and can be set up to alert the security team of any breach and enable them to respond quickly. If you are concerned about an internal breach, invest in smart locks or access control systems to track who accesses the property and when.

Access Control

Access control systems allow you to only allow access to the people who need to access a certain zone and can thereby help to protect property and prevent loss. If you use physical keys, go for patented keys to prevent unauthorised key duplication.


All elements of your perimeter security system should work together to prevent forced or illegal entry. If your camera catches an intruder trying to break in, it will also be linked to your alarm and with monitoring your security team will be alerted to the threat straight away.


Video analytics improve the efficiency of perimeter security systems. They utilise a combination of artificial intelligence, facial recognition and advanced object tracing to automatically detect threats in real-time and notify relevant authorities.

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