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Avigilon Appearance Search Video Analytics Technology

Video surveillance: The gap between reality and fiction

One criticism of CCTV is that there are ‘too many cameras and not enough eyes’. This refers to the fact that the volume of footage from video surveillance cameras is so large that there are simply not enough CCTV monitoring personnel person hours available to possibly be able to review it all.

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Further underlining the problem are the results of studies carried out into the attentive performance of video monitoring personnel:

  • A study published in Security Oz magazine in 2002
    • After 12 minutes of continuous video monitoring an operator will often miss up to 45% of screen activity; after 22 min of viewing, up to 95% is overlooked
  • Urbaneye project by (Norris and McCahill, 2006)
    • Only 35% of the total detection was due to proactive monitoring
  • Velastin et al., (2006)
    • After 20-40 minutes of active monitoring, CCTV operators will suffer from “video-blindness”, and cannot recognise objects on the video anymore

Over the last 10 - 15 years or so, spy thrillers like the Jason Bourne series of films and home-grown TV shows such as Spooks have featured powerful video analytics technologies, perhaps too advanced to match the reality of the time.

However, fictional stories allow movie-makers to portend the future, to showcase developments that, even if they are not quite on the product development roadmap, can reasonably be predicted to feature at a future stage of evolution.

Reality catches up with fictional video surveillance technologies

Bringing the inability for humans to view vast amounts of video together with advances in algorithm-based automated monitoring, comes Avigilon Appearance Search video analytics.

The technology enables operators to scan vast amounts of recorded footage from multiple sources to quickly locate a specific person of interest, helping to track a person’s route through a site.

Avigilon Appearance Search is able to identify a previous and last-known location and assist investigations. It may also dramatically improve incident response times and enhance forensic investigations.

Safer environments with Avigilon Appearance Search from iC2

iC2 deploys Avigilon’s market leading camera, monitoring and video analytics technologies to businesses and organisations of all types. From large-scale public sector sites such as NHS facilities and schools, to businesses such as professional sporting arenas, hotels and boutique businesses. iC2 also installs commercial security systems for industrial sites, such as those for food production and manufacturing, as well as monitoring production areas for safety purposes.

To find out more about how we can help your business or organisation obtain the benefits of Avigilon Appearance Search, simply get in touch today.

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