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CCTV ICO compliance: Signs that get you noticed for the right reason

It’s been a year since the compliance regulations governing the use of CCTV were tightened.

Issued by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), the CCTV Code of Practice brings video security systems within the scope of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

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One of the aspects easily overlooked is the requirement for signs to inform visitors or passers-by that CCTV is in operation on and around your premises. The code of practice says signs should:

  • Be clearly visible and readable
  • Contain details of the organisation operating the system, the purpose for using the surveillance system and who to contact about the scheme (where these things are not obvious to those being monitored)
  • Include basic contact details such as a simple website address, telephone number or email contact
  • Be an appropriate size depending on context, for example, whether they are viewed by pedestrians or car drivers

iC2 provides fully compliant integrated security solutions for clients including luxury international boutique brands, top flight sporting venues, retail developments and educational and social environments.

Our CCTV signs provide ICO/DPA compliance and are made to order priced at:

  • 3mm thick Aluminium 200x300mm with screw holes: £20 + VAT each
  • 3mm thick Foamex 200x300mm: £10 +VAT each
  • Carriage (to one address): £8.95+VAT

Discounts may be available for volume purchases.

To place an order, or if you require assistance to clarify what you may need to do to ensure your organisation is compliant with any aspect of the code of practice, simply contact us today for a discussion with one of our team.

Q&A CCTV Guide Code of Practice

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