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Celebrity jewel heist: Be wary of using social media to alert criminals to the presence of booty…

Modern day treasure chest of booty just there for the taking!

The theft of millions in jewellery from Kim Kardashian in Paris made headlines around the world. Although much of the publicity was initially sympathetic, there is quite a lot which may be considered somewhat less charitable; and, indeed, as more has emerged, it appears Captain Jack Sparrow himself would have been wringing his hands at the prospect of such a poorly protected treasure trove!

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A key fact fuelling suspicions that the story may not be quite what it appears, is that the initial reports valuing the gems at £8.5 million have been torpedoed by the emergence of insurance documentation which values the booty at just £4.5 million.

Some theories doing the rounds suggest the whole thing may be an elaborate PR stunt, an inside job, or it might be an insurance swindle. Whatever the truth behind the public presentation of the story, a couple of facts seem to be inarguable:

  • Security measures and personal protection arrangements were poor
  • Unwise use of social media is likely to have alerted the robbers

The culture of celebrity and the oxygen of publicity

High profile celebrities flaunting their bling on social media may well be part of the game of celebrity; however, from a security perspective, bling of such enormous value is always likely to attract the attention of those with a professional interest in relieving others of their money and valuables.

Even if social media practice such as this was not seen as essential by celebrities, it is still wise to make sure that adequate personal and electronic measures are in place to help protect the safety of the principle, the entourage and their valuables.

For those playing out the celebrity game by way of a tweet-by-tweet running commentary of their lives, the ultimate objective of everything they do is to gain the oxygen of publicity. In such cases, it is even more critical to ensure security arrangements are up to scratch.

Close protection and integrated electronic security from iC2

iC2 works with High Net Worth (HNW) individuals to provide close protection for the principal as well as their families, personal assistants and any other supporting team members. Integrated electronic security brings discrete systems such as IP CCTV, perimeter security and access control together, providing peace of mind solutions you can trust.

As part of our close protection safety service, we provide guidance on the use of social media to help prevent HNW individuals from inadvertently putting information into the public domain that might jeopardise their personal safety or lead to property theft or damage.

CPTED, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, is a key strategy. This enables us to eliminate vulnerabilities in integrated security systems that those with criminal intent often seek to exploit. An example of this is eliminating blind spots and poorly lit, shadowy areas where CCTV may be ineffective.

To find out more about iC2’s close protection and integrated electronic security solutions for protecting HNW people, premises and property, simply get in touch today.

Click here to see ‘The £4.5 million Kardashian raid and 10 lingering questions that still have no answers: Eleven days after the robbery, the mysteries that the police still can't prove’ at dailymail.co.uk

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