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Free guide: 7 reasons why it’s time to upgrade to IP CCTV

Perception shaped by narrow perspective

Advances in technology tend to enable products to be made in more compact formats and at lower prices. On the other hand, new features, better capability and improved performance create the perception that advancing technology is more expensive. However, this perception is often from a narrow perspective that only considers capital cost.

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When it comes to CCTV technology, the really important figure is Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Today’s HD CCTV systems linked using wireless IP computer networking transform performance, outperforming 1st generation digital systems by a factor of at least x10 and finally render the few remaining grainy, legacy 625 line VHS tape-based systems obsolete.

Understand the benefits of upgrading to wireless HD CCTV

The guide ‘7 reasons why it’s time to upgrade to IP CCTV’ helps those operating and commissioning CCTV and other commercial security systems understand the benefits of upgrading to HD CCTV with wireless IP networking. The guide discusses:

  • Options for protecting existing CCTV system investment
  • Reducing installation costs resulting from wireless and consolidation
  • Improving security, staff safety and ICO and DPA compliance

Zoom in on the value proposition more closely with iC2

Downloading the guide ‘7 reasons why it’s time to upgrade to IP CCTV’ for free today helps organisations to understand how the amazing performance of the latest systems significantly increases the value proposition of CCTV. Not only do you reduce risk with improved security, but you get the ability to reduce TCO and are better able to meet regulatory requirements.

Click here to download the free guide.

Hidden Benefits of CCTV

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