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Free guide - CCTV FAQ: A Buyer’s Guide

Keep up with advancing technology CCTV technology

Technology moves on and frequently, whether we like it or not, drags us with it. CCTV security is one area that has seen significant advances in recent years. However, rapid progress creates problems for buyers of commercial security systems, especially when the objective is to safeguard pupils and students, and protect members of staff and public as well as property and valuables.

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The choice of technology and the wider implications can be bewildering. Options for technology include choosing camera ‘power’ of up to 30 megapixels, IP (or networked) systems and advanced tools for processing CCTV footage. Software tools provide a range of enhanced capabilities, including a range of techniques for superior viewing, identification and analysis.

In many areas of business and society, compliance is an increasing challenge for organisations. Last year the ICO guidance brought information collected by CCTV into scope of the Data Protection Act. Consequently, buyers are responsible for ensuring systems meet with the requirements.

Get answers to key questions on purchasing CCTV

Our new paper 'CCTV FAQ: A Buyers Guide' helps those purchasing and commissioning CCTV to make better decisions by providing pointers and guidance on some key questions.

The guide contains information on:

  • How to ensure your system is fit for purpose with a security risk assessment and the compliance implications of CCTV and the data collected
  • The advantages of IP CCTV and improving security by integrating alarm and access control systems
  • Determining the value of a system and the credentials that help identify a good supplier with the right capability

Make more informed CCTV buying decisions with iC2

Downloading the guide 'CCTV FAQ: A Buyers Guide' for free today helps those purchasing or commissioning new CCTV systems or upgrades to better understand the advantages and benefits of the latest developments in CCTV technology. The guide helps organisations such as schools, colleges and universities, businesses operating retail and commercial premises, industrial and manufacturing companies and authorities responsible for public spaces to make more informed decisions.

Click here to download the free guide.

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