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How To Prevent Construction Site Theft

When working on a construction site, the materials you use are highly important. Using high quality and reliable materials is essential, and not cutting corners really matters. However, having the best quality materials can also mean that thieves can be encouraged to steal from the site. Read on to find out more about this worrying trend, and how you can combat it.

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How Common Is Construction Site Theft?

Some reports show that nearly half of builders in the United Kingdom have had something stolen from their construction site. This means that rather than being a rare occurrence, it is actually very likely to happen, and due to the bulky nature of the stolen items, it can be challenging to keep them secured at all times.

Why Does This Happen?

Construction site theft happens simply due to the high cost of the materials used. Opportunists looking to take materials they can then use, or sell on, are often tempted due to the financial aspect. Materials such as wood, concrete blocks, and even tools are frequently stolen, and this is increasing as prices go up. The supply chain is another common reason for theft of this nature, as it has become difficult to acquire reasonably priced materials for affordable shipping costs. These motives might be understandable, but the resulting act is still a crime.

The Benefits Of Overt CCTV

In some cases, overt CCTV is enough to deter potential thieves. If someone sees the presence of CCTV security cameras around your site, they will be aware that the chances of being caught and even prosecuted could be much higher. Visible CCTV can be your most powerful tool in reducing theft. Of course, those who steal will be caught on camera, too.

Rapid Deployment Cameras

If you need increased security fast, then our sister company ic2 Distribution could help. Rapid deployment cameras can be quickly and easily installed in minutes, which gives you instant protection from theft, as well as the ability to hold thieves accountable. This can be highly beneficial if you are working on a site for a very limited amount of time.

Construction site theft can be distressingly common, but it is possible to tackle this problem and come out on top. If you want to look into security camera system options, then get in touch with IC2 to see which of our products might be best for your site.

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