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Rapid Deployment Cameras: A Game Changing Innovation


The challenge of deploying CCTV quickly

Crime and anti-social behaviour can rear its head suddenly. News of places that are vulnerable because of gaps in security spread fast through word of mouth and social media. Once a hot-spot is established, the heat radiates out and can speedily see an area or district get a reputation, attracting more of the wrong sort of people and behaviours.

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Essentially, there’s a need to respond quickly by providing security countermeasures as fast as possible to deter, detect and identify.

CCTV has become the ‘go to’ solution and it is very effective. However, the complexities of today’s world create barriers to rapid deployment. Some of the main drawbacks of conventional solutions include:

  • Significant capital and installation costs
  • Making a well-proven business case for every camera
  • At last, cameras are installed and… the problem has moved on

In order to provide effective surveillance capability fast, you need a solution which minimises capital and installation costs, can be deployed rapidly, and re-deployed just as quickly to meet operational requirements.

Install cameras quickly to provide surveillance fast

iC2 Rapid Deployment Cameras (RDCs) offer a flexible solution to the challenge of installing cameras quickly and providing surveillance fast.

Features include:

  • Mount to a wall, corner, or existing infrastructure such as a street lamp
  • ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ power feed via commando socket connector
  • Integrated wireless PTP, PTMP, Wi-Fi and 3/4G support
  • Rapid re-deployment to move cameras to where they are needed quickly
  • Solar and wireless options for isolated, remote and difficult to install places

One of the main points about the iC2 Rapid Deployment Camera is that it is a completely configurable solution. We specify and build each camera to meet the security challenges you need to tackle.

Innovation that changes the business case

The business case for cameras might be measured by statistics such as the number of incidents recorded, the number of interventions by police, or the number of suspects identified.

Over time, the cost/benefit analysis of fixed installation cameras may be easily undermined. New cameras may successfully deter crime and ASB, but they tie up investment, invite ongoing operating costs and become an underutilised asset (hence, the case for dummy cameras, but that’s a tricky game and another story…).

The iC2 Rapid Deployment Camera is a game changing innovation that changes the entire rationale of the business case. The business case for RDC cameras is the fact that they can be rapidly deployed and redeployed - moved quickly and relatively simply to meet changing operational priorities.

Where can Rapid Deployment Cameras be used?

Wireless connectivity for streaming, monitoring and network video recording, and solar power options make RDC CCTV suitable for protecting a wide variety of locations, especially isolated or remote areas that may have been prohibitively expensive to secure before.

  • Transport - car parks, train stations, airports and ferry terminals
  • Recreational areas - skate parks, play areas, leisure centres
  • Estates - country houses and private estates
  • Rural - farms and agricultural land
  • Retail - shopping centres and retail parks
  • Construction - infrastructure and home building
  • Town centres - public spaces and the built environment
  • Business - commercial districts and business parks
  • Residential - social housing and private developments
  • Local Authority - town and district councils & other LAs
  • Healthcare - hospital and social care facility external areas
  • Industrial - factories sites and areas
  • Education - school grounds and college/university campuses
  • Attractions - theme parks, castles and palaces

Get CCTV protection where you need it quickly from iC2

iC2 works with organisations of all types to ensure that CCTV is fit for purpose, compliant and delivers against budgetary considerations. Rapid Deployment Cameras increase our ability to rationalise systems, optimise coverage and to make sure systems provide value.

To find out more about how we can help you get the capability to deploy commercial security systems quickly to provide surveillance fast, simply get in touch today.

Click here to find out more about our Rapid Deployment Camera with technical specifications.

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