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iC2 scores top marks in grammar at Tunbridge Wells

iC2 has scored top marks in grammar at a prestigious Kent school. The Tunbridge Wells Grammar School for Boys selected iC2 as their CCTV installer to provide security for its 1200 pupils.

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The brief was to install a high quality, proven, reliable and easy to use CCTV system that would provide workable footage at the right price.

iC2 installed 28 high – resolution static cameras with 3 multi – functional dome cameras which respond to movement. They are capable of tracking human traffic even when the system is not manned.

All of the cameras are recorded onto a digital recorder with an inbuilt cd writer and connected to the schools local area network.

Completed on time and on budget, the new school security system has enabled the school to improve its effectiveness in site security and pupil management.

Martin Silvester, Site Manager said: “‘The quality of the images is very impressive. Within a short space of time we have been able to identify individuals and provide evidence to establish any economies of truth relating to pupil management matters.” He continues: “such has been the success of the system that we have already added cameras to other strategic areas. This has further enhanced our ability to monitor and control behaviour.”

Mr Silvester continues: “Accessing and controlling the cameras by strategic members of staff has further added value. We are able to inform other members of staff on duty over the radio about incidents as they occur. Policing even seemingly small occurrences such as attempted ball retrieval from flat roofs or out of bounds areas are already having a positive impact on student behaviour not to mention matters relating to health and safety.”

iC2 completed the installation with minimum disturbance in a busy environment. They provided full training on the system and their response was quick and efficient in making minor alterations to the final views required. Top marks to iC2!

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