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iC2 solves a broken heart

The Sacred Heart School in Camberwell, London was left feeling unloved after a contractor failed to deliver a suitable security solution. Enter iC2 CCTV as the school’s knight in shining armour.

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iC2 quickly salvaged the best of the existing school security system to minimise cost to the school, which had suffered 10 automation arm failures prior to iC2’s involvement.

The previously defective audible intercom and automated pedestrian and vehicle gates were promptly overhauled to solve these problems, while a replacement of key infrastructure items cured reliability. iC2 recommended new cabling and containment for the challenging school environment, which has proved to be a wise investment for the Sacred Heart School.

Celia Virtue, Finance Manager of Sacred Heart School, said: ‘We have now upgraded our CCTV and digital recording with confidence and are safe in the knowledge that the advice, specification, delivery, performance and maintenance are unrivalled.’

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