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Lessons from Hatton Garden heist: Security systems integration, monitoring and verification essential

Popular culture where fact meets folklore

The raid of the vault of Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd on the Easter weekend 2015 has certainly made headlines. Such crimes have the power to fire the imagination. They hook into popular culture, merging fact and folklore as fiction to be packaged and consumed in light entertainment.

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A bygone age of glamourous Gentleman jewel thieves, ingenious cat burglars replacing unique gems with a glove monogrammed with a solitary ‘P’. The Italian Job from the 60s, a blag set against a British celebration of comedy, cars and football. For anyone familiar with The Bank Job movie from 2008, in this case, it could almost seem inspirational.

Forget popular romantic notions

Whatever the popular romantic notions of heists, the personal losses of jewellers, many believed to be uninsured, as well as the emotional anguish of losing perhaps the work of a lifetime of trading can only be imagined. Although the facts are continuing to emerge, there is some very striking reporting in the media:

  • Scale (Estimates of a haul valued between £200m or £300m??)
  • Audacity (Undiscovered for the whole 4 day weekend)
  • Missed opportunities (Alarm activated Good Friday night & drilling heard in the night)
  • Confirmation (Unable to verify alarm activation with visual or other systems)

For many in the security industry, once you get over these headline grabbers, you are hit by a cold hard fact:

The success of the robbery results from the singular failure to deploy the appropriate mix of technology to properly protect the significant valuables of its clients.

Integration, monitoring and verification with iC2

The Hatton Garden heist seems to have been entirely preventable. The key take away, the main lesson is that integrated security systems and 24 hour monitoring to provide verification remain the best way to ensure that responses to security system activation can be prioritised for appropriate and timely response.

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