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Mace, The Shard, London

The Client

Mace is a global construction and consultancy which operates across five continents and is headquartered in London.

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The Work

In 2012, Mace contracted iC2 to install a sophisticated and comprehensive electronic security system to help manage security and operations of the busiest construction site in Europe, The Shard.

The Challenge

As construction took place in the heart of london next to one of the capital’s busiest railway stations monitoring operations and safety procedures was imperative. With a number of vehicles exiting and entering the busy site, large numbers of staff operating across the area and civilians within close proximity of the construction day and night, iC2 had to design a cutting edge solution that ensured a rigid adherence to health and safety by all contractors working on The Shard.

iC2 designed and installed an innovative perimeter detection network for the site to help site managers monitor all activity and recognise problems quickly before accidents happen. We also integrated ground loops with an Avigilon analytic driven operator system that featured a PA system and remote monitoring to track vehicles and staff and allow easy control of the security system.

The Result

iC2 successfully enabled Mace to monitor the construction site of The Shard and ensure all personnel were properly monitor and safe at all times. Our sophisticated security solution allowed staff to adhere to all operational compliance and well thought out feature such as PA systems meant managers could alert all contractors of any risks as soon as a problem was detected.

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