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What are The Advantages Of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera Systems For Schools? Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Them

There is a whole range of sectors where security is paramount, but education is one of the most important. Taking steps to protect pupils is something that all schools need to focus on as a result. One crucial issue to think about is tracking and controlling vehicle movement on school grounds. This should also extend to doing the same directly outside your school.

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An automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR) is a very useful tool to help with this and keep pupils safe. It is a system which is used widely in the UK to deal with vehicle movements. For schools, automatic number plate recognition comes with the ability to fully automate vehicle access on and off school grounds.

But what are the top 5 reasons you should use ANPR in your school?

Help Reduce Illegally Parked Vehicles Outside Schools

One advantage of using a CCTV number plate recognition system concerns problem parking outside school grounds. This can be a very common issue for all schools to deal with and see people who should not be parked outside your school causing problems. An ANPR system can help identify who does have permission to park legally, who does not, and which vehicles are regular offenders to deal with.

Helps To Improve Safety Of Students

We have already mentioned the benefits an automatic number plate recognition ANPR system has for student safety. It is worth diving into this a bit more though. This kind of system will give you an extra tool to track vehicle movements in and around your school. By doing this, you will be fully aware of any suspicious activity to keep an eye on or any vehicles trying to gain access who you know may be a problem.

Crime Reduction

Next to student safety, crime can be an issue for many schools to deal with. ANPR systems can help with this and bring crime for schools down. As only authorised vehicles can get in and out, it stops intruders from getting onto your site and causing problems. This system also allows you to set up a watchlist for certain number plates you know are trouble. When they turn up, you will know right away and be able to stop them in their tracks.

Reduction In Security Staff

An automatic number plate recognition system can help reduce the number of physical security staff you need. All schools have to keep a close eye on budgets now, so this is a very useful advantage. As the system is automated, it means you need less staff to operate it and less to carry out the work it handles.

Makes Internal Car Park Auditing Easier

Of course, this type of system is not all about external vehicle management. It can also be handy for internal car park management. By installing an ANPR system, you can make sure staff only park in valid areas and where they are allowed. It also makes it much easier to identify staff vehicles which have the authorisation to park on your grounds and those which do not.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition With iC2

If you are looking for a top-class ANPR system for schools, then let iC2 help. We can install this type of system to help make your school safer and make dealing with vehicle movements simpler. Get in touch on 020 4538 1284 for more details.

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