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Privacy and police use of ANPR: ICO asks necessary questions


Concern raised over latest ANPR statistics

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a powerful CCTV technology deployed nationwide by the police. However, statistics on the volume of ANPR image data captured every day and its cumulative retention has caused Jonathan Bamford, head of steric liaison at the Information Commissioner’s Office, to raise concerns over the latest statistics.

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Indeed, the sheer volume of data and the length of data retention are truly astounding.

Around 9000 publicly operated ANPR cameras capture approximately 30 million images every day. The national system, introduced in 2006, has seen an increase of 35 million to 22 billion records over the last 10 years.

Securing convictions in over 200 court cases

Speaking to Sky News Jonathan Bamford, said: "You've really got to ask the question about the extent of ANPR and the amount of records that it's collecting…”

"…So it's very, very important that there's a proper public policy debate about the extent of surveillance in the United Kingdom."

Clearly, it’s necessary to question the issues raised by such large-scale use of digital CCTV and integrated security technologies. However, as long as CCTV image and personally identifiable data are managed in strict accordance with ICO guidelines which support enforcement and compliance with the data protection act to safeguard privacy, the benefits are clear. In the past year, evidence from ANPR cameras is reported to have been used in more than 200 court cases, securing convictions for offences including robbery, kidnapping, drugs and murder.

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