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How To Take Out A Commercial CCTV Camera - A Guide For Burglars!

The Internet is a great resource for criminals too

The Internet is a great resource for every area of human enterprise and endeavour.

Unfortunately, this includes the criminal fraternity. Conducting a search for information using terms which are related to avoiding detection by CCTV through Google, returns hits for YouTube as well as many blogs, articles, FAQs and forums.

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Analysis of the frequency with which people search the internet with Google using such terms shows there are perhaps up to 500 searches each month, worldwide. However, interest in information on avoiding detection by CCTV is not limited to those of ill-intent.


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Techniques used to disable Commercial CCTV cameras

Our new guide ‘The burglar’s guide to avoiding detection by CCTV’ enables owners and operators of Commercial security systems understand more about how CCTV cameras can be disabled.

The guide:

  • Outlines the methods that may be used to interfere with normal camera operation
  • Discusses the basic countermeasures for defending cameras against attack
  • Explains how good system design mitigates the risk of cameras being taken out

Defend against cameras being taken out with iC2

Whether it is organised criminals, or opportunists acting on impulse, techniques for avoiding detection by Commercial CCTV are likely to be well known to those of ill-intent.

iC2 security systems are designed to defend against criminals exploiting any vulnerabilities, loopholes and weaknesses. We supply, install and maintain CCTV cameras and related security systems using the highest quality components. Where appropriate, these are engineered to be resistant to attack.

To find out more about how our services help buyers and those commissioning CCTV projects to better understand and manage the security risks associated with cameras being disabled, simply get in touch today.

Click this link to download your free copy of ‘The burglar’s guide to avoiding detection by CCTV’.

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