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The BEST Way To Prevent Mugging: Making Streets Safer

Despite some improvements in recent years, mugging – attacking and stealing from a person in a public place – remains a persistent problem on the streets of the UK:

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  • 69,363 robbery incidents were recorded by English and Welsh police forces in the year ending June 2022.
  • In London, the theft of mobile phones – often perpetrated by opportunistic thieves on foot or moped – has soared by 150 per cent in the last 12 months.
  • Many more crimes go unreported as victims believe there is little chance of securing a conviction or recovering their stolen possessions.

The threat of being personally attacked causes many law-abiding citizens to feel unsafe on the streets, but with police forces stretched, it’s more important than ever to implement effective safeguards to keep people safe and bring offenders to justice.

Why Surveillance Cameras Are The Most Effective Tool In The Fight Against Street Crime

According to research, the UK has over 7 million CCTV cameras, with nearly one-seventh of these in London alone. However, there are many streets and secluded areas in towns and cities across the country that are not routinely monitored by surveillance cameras, and these may become hotspots for street crime as perpetrators know they are unlikely to be captured on film. 

If a neighbourhood or locality is plagued by crime, there are two types of surveillance cameras that can effectively address the problem:

1. Overt Surveillance Cameras

These CCTV cameras are positioned to be visible, so that would-be robbers are aware their actions are likely to be seen. Watchful security teams can alert the police to a crime-in-progress, or local authority or law enforcement officers can use the evidence gathered for identification and prosecution.

Knowing that their crimes are being filmed will deter many offenders and help to keep the streets safer for citizens. 

2. Covert Surveillance Cameras

Hidden security CCTV cameras are a vital tool in providing the police with irrefutable evidence that can lead to a conviction, so that criminals can be taken off the streets and deterred from reoffending in future.

Covert cameras are an effective tool in a zero-tolerance approach to street crime which can help to reduce or eliminate the problem as offenders become aware of an elevated likelihood that they will be identified, charged, and convicted.

The Benefits Of Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras

Surveillance cameras don’t have to be installed at great expense, disruption, or inconvenience. Rapid deployment CCTV is a cost-effective solution that:

  • Can be rapidly set up to be overt or covert.
  • Is easy to reposition to capture different angles.
  • Runs on durable batteries, eliminating the need for extensive cabling or a mains power supply.
  • Can be used to deter criminals or secure vital evidence to support their prosecution.


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