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The CCTV school monitor

iC2 CCTV has installed a complete 96 camera CCTV with digital recording solution together with PAC access control and a Bosch digital public address system at Kingsford Community School in the London borough of Newham. The contract was undertaken on behalf of Johnson’s Workplace Management (JWML) – a PFI company.


The school is one of the largest mixed comprehensives in London (1700 pupils) and is situated in Beckton in East London.


iC2 has installed a school security system which monitors 96 cameras covering all of the schools corridors, washrooms communal areas and playgrounds. The high spec Panasonic day - night cameras have been programmed to use auto focus when switching from colour to black and white. There are also five MIC -1 fully functional pan, tilt and zoom cameras with twin IR (infra red) lamps fitted with Redwall motion detection system. All cameras can be accessed remotely via broadband.

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The control system can be programmed to restrict access, lockdown designated areas and track and time the movements of visitors and staff. iC2 also installed a high quality public address system which is used to signal breaks and lesson changes and can broadcast a range of musical themes.

Commenting for Johnson’s Workplace Management, Paul Dewberry said:”iC2 are an excellent strategic partner. They have once again delivered a quality solution on time and on budget. In two years I have yet to highlight any issues. System, performance and response are second to none. iC2 continues to deliver.”

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