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The one about getting caught, ‘trousers down’ and CCTV…

Don’t get caught with your ‘trousers down’ over CCTV!

When it comes to compliance, there are a number of ways you can fall foul of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) rules if you operate integrated systems.

As one prospective customer we spoke to ‘eloquently’ summed it up after reading our guide on the subject: “We have all this responsibility for safeguarding and the duty of care and here we are with our ‘trousers down’ when it comes to CCTV and the DPA!”

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Lack of awareness and confusion

2014 saw the ICO overhaul the framework for regulating CCTV and related systems. This has created legal compliance requirements with the Data Protection Act (DPA) and other legislative instruments.

There is a lack of awareness about the obligations this creates for organisations operating CCTV and this motivated the gentleman to sum up his organisation’s position so succinctly.

Some of the major questions over which there is much confusion include:

  • Which organisations and systems are in scope of the compliance framework?
  • What are the job roles of the individuals legally responsible for ensuring compliance?
  • How much can businesses, public bodies and educational establishments be fined?

‘Trousers up’ ICO & DPA compliant CCTV solutions from iC2…

You get these answers and much more completely free by downloading the ‘Q&A guide: CCTV code of practice and Data Protection Act compliance’. This is the guide to the subject that made our prospective customer realise his organisation’s was ‘trousers down’.

Reading it helps you to get CCTV ICO and DPA compliance right by:

  • Understanding and managing security and privacy risks
  • Avoiding financial penalties or any other ICO actions for dealing with DPA breaches
  • Demonstrating good governance and preventing reputational damage

Click here to download the free guide.

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