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Warwick Castle

The Client

Warwick Castle dates back 11 centuries to King Alfred the Great and is considered one of Europe’s leading visitor attractions, as well as Britain’s ultimate castle.

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The Work

Warwick castle appointed iC2 install new security cameras across the grounds and within the castle to make sure the castled was covered. The project was broken down into two phases, the first comprising of 5 Avigilion Megapixel cameras within the ‘heart’ of the castle including, The Great Hall, Queen Anne’s Bedroom, The Blue Boudoir, The Red Drawing Room and The Cedar Drawing Room.

The second phase saw iC2 install state of the art Avigilon Megapixel Cameras to monitor the perimeter of the castle covering distances of up to 1 kilometre and acting as a digital moat for the modern day.

The Challenge

As a historic site and attraction, aesthetics were a high priority for Warwick castle. Cameras had to be discreet yet powerful and installation had to be handled with the utmost care and precision so none of the castle’s appearance was compromised.

Working with the castle’s facilities, grounds and IT teams, the challenges of cable routes, ancient flooring and aesthetic requirements were successfully overcome by iC2 to deliver an immaculate installation on time and on budget.

The Result

iC2 deliviered Warwick castle a CCTV system which utilises 20 terabytes of storage on an Avigilon Software Platform.

“To deliver the installation in such a timely and professional manner , in a very challenging environment was a credit to the iC2 team.”

– Geoff Horwood, operations manager, Warwick Castle

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