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What Are The Benefits Of Licence Plate Recognition Cameras In Car Parks?

When you park your car in a public car park, you assume it will be safe - after all, surely a stationary vehicle is at much less risk than one that is out on the road?Unfortunately, cars can still be damaged even in car parks - and this is where licence plate recognition cameras come in. Here, we look at some of the best benefits of installing licence plate recognition cameras, and how IC2 can help.

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Catch Speeding Drivers

Do you have an issue with drivers not being as careful as they should be in your car park? It can be easy for drivers to speed and forget how dangerous this can be - and if they drive away quickly, their details are lost forever. Licence plate recognition cameras can catch their number plates so you can report them appropriately.

Hold Hit And Run Drivers Accountable

Hit and runs in car parks are unfortunately not uncommon - drivers can cause damage to another car and either not notice or drive away without leaving their details. Again, the camera will capture their number plates so they can be contacted.

What Happens Next?

Once the licence plate recognition cameras have captured the details of the number plate, the police can step in and find out who has road tax and insurance, and who the vehicle belongs to. This can be invaluable both in holding drivers accountable for dangerous driving, and for pursuing insurance claims.

Prevent Overcrowding Issues

When a car enters the car park, the licence plate recognition camera can easily scan in the details so that you can keep closer track of who is coming in and going out. This can prevent overcrowding from occurring, so there are fewer traffic jams and people are less likely to become stressed and anxious, reducing accidents and keeping everyone safe.

Installing licence plate recognition cameras can make car parks a safer and more functional space for everyone, and if accidents occur, they can ensure that the correct parties are held accountable, legally and financially. If you want to bring the benefits of licence plate recognition cameras to your car park, then get in touch with IC2. We are highly skilled in quickly installing and maintaining wireless CCTV cameras. Look at our range of options, and let us know how we can make your car park safer.New call-to-action

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