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What Are The Benefits Of Overt Surveillance?

Security is one of the most critical considerations in commercial, industrial, and residential premises. As such, investing in security measures such as surveillance cameras and access control, etc, is not only crucial but absolutely necessary. This article highlights the benefits of overt surveillance on your premises.

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What is overt surveillance?

Overt surveillance is a method of securing the premises or area using measures visible to the trained and untrained eye. Common examples include:

- CCTV cameras at all entrances and exits of a building, as well as others at strategic points on the premises

- Signage warning intruders of the presence of security forces and measures

- High and fortified fences

- Perimeter detection beams and data analytics

- Megapixel cameras

- CCTV with analytics

- Remote monitoring of sites with access control

- Biometric scanners and key card entry points in appropriate locations

What are the benefits of overt surveillance?

Prevention of crimes

The prominence of overt surveillance prevents criminal activity. Security personnel will monitor criminal behaviour and anticipate such actions, while CCTV cameras record the movement of suspicious individuals as evidence for later use. Additionally, criminals are fearful of alarm systems alerting security forces should they break into the premises.

The promise of swift action

Another benefit closely related to the prevention of crimes is the promise that any attempts at criminal activity will be met with swift action, and CCTV set up for pro-active maintenance ensures that any intruder can be flagged up and dealt with immediately, rather than reactively, later on.

Peace of mind for the occupants

Your employees, family members, tenants, and guests can’t miss overt surveillance. They derive some peace of mind knowing they are in a safe zone, with appropriate measures in place in case of an attack. Therefore, employees will focus on their job, and guests, family, and tenants will enjoy their stay.

Behaviour modification

Human nature dictates that whenever people realise they are being watched, they will behave properly. This human reaction prevents employees from pilfering supplies in the office, damaging property, breaking other rules, and mistreating each other. No one wants to be caught on camera harassing their colleagues or junior staff, fly-tipping, or speeding.


Overt surveillance deters crime. Preventing crimes before they happen is better than cleaning up after an attack. While covert surveillance has its benefits, overt surveillance covers all the crucial bases.Hidden Benefits of CCTV

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