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Better community safety with iC2 CCTV solutions

Police numbers down by over 20,000 and crime up 14%

For many local authorities, community safety and environmental issues continue to dominate the agenda and soak up resources. The Crime Survey for England and Wales takes pains to focus on the perceptions of the levels of ASB.

housing estate

The survey seeks to reveal the scale of a range of problems, including

  • ● People using or dealing drugs
  • ● Rubbish or litter lying around
  • ● Teenagers hanging around on the streets

  • ● Vandalism, graffiti and other deliberate damage to property

Whatever the root causes, the age of austerity has progressively reduced the resources of LAs and hollowed out the police service. We are at a point where those that participate in crime and ASB feel emboldened.

Police numbers might be down by over 20,000 and crime may be up 14%. However, iC2 community safety solutions help local authorities do a better job of creating safer communities and promoting a better quality of life.

Rapid Deployment Cameras

Rapid Deployment Cameras (RDCs) are configurable at build to meet a range of community safety requirements. The RDC was designed to overcome the systemic time lag that slows the camera commissioning process, such as budget planning and building the business case. Once in your inventory, local authorities have instant access to flexible camera resources that can be deployed or moved at short notice to wherever ASB or other community safety issues rear their head.

Visit our RDC page for full information on iC2 Rapid Deployment Cameras.

CCTV and lighting arrays

Custom built CCTV and lighting arrays based on the robust RDC design are intended for permanent fixed installation. They are highly suited to protecting sites that may have previously proved impossible to protect because of the difficultly in accessing power and network services. These are bespoke and technically elegant solutions that enable the limitations of connectivity to be overcome. Learn more in the Bolton Case Study.

Case Study: iC2 makes a problematic site safer for Bolton Council

“This is exemplary. It shows other local authorities how this technology can tackle a variety of anti-social behaviours.”

Andy Bolan

Environmental, Education and Enforcement Manager, Bolton Council

Read the case study

Integrate with your scheme or combine with iC2 remote monitoring services

iC2 RDC and community safety CCTV cameras are industry standard, integrating readily into your existing surveillance and monitoring schemes, including shared services initiatives.

From our police approved remote monitoring centre iC2 is also able to provide a rapid and direct response from our inhouse team of accredited security specialists, 24/7.

Intelligent software monitoring detects and alerts the team to suspicious and undesirable activity

  • Challenging participants verbally over public address systems is often an effective deterrent

  • Hi-definition images with recognition software identifies individuals and vehicle registration marks
  • Recording ensures permanent copies of incidents observed on CCTV are retained, handled in full compliance with regulatory codes


Typical use cases for iC2 community safety CCTV solutions

  • Fly-tipping – remote and problem sites that are difficult to protect with conventional CCTV
  • Car parks – parking abuse and vandalism of ticket machines
  • Play areas – safeguarding children in public play grounds
  • Sport and leisure – all-weather Multi Sport outdoor pitches and tennis courts

  • Alcohol abuse – people being drunk or rowdy in public places
  • Drug problems – tackling hotspots for drug use and dealing

Compliance and data protection

All iC2 solutions are fit for the purpose intended. Whether it is meeting industry standards, such as those of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and the Security Industry Authority, (SIA), or those of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), iC2 meets or exceeds all frameworks. ISO 9001 accreditation underscores our commitment to quality management.

iC2 solutions are all designed to meet the framework for data protection regulation that falls under the control of the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO). Privacy Impact Assessments are used to make sure CCTV images are managed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Save money and get better value security with Intelligent Monitoring from iC2

Take the first step towards creating safer, more secure neighbourhoods and improving the quality of life for communities today.

Simply call: 020 4538 1167, email: info@ic2cctv.com or fill out our Request a Quote form and arrange a free consultation.

Social Housing

Protecting common areas from vandalism, anti-social behaviour (ASB) and drug dealing; deterring burglary, car crime and fly-tipping. iC2 integrated security solutions make social housing safer, helping to protect communities and foster a better quality of life.


Home owners enjoy peace of mind with integrated security featuring brand new Full HD Wi-Fi cameras. Simple to use, these wireless network systems offer internal and external options for the security monitoring needs of your residential property. Our installation service includes NSI certification, which often reduces insurance costs.

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Case Study

Bolton Council

iC2 made a problematic site safer for Bolton Council, protecting the community and the environment with a technically elegant solution for a fly-tipping hotspot.

Case Study

Chelsea FC

iC2 was appointed by Chelsea to help the club fulfil all of their necessary security requirements for Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas. This involved the design and installation of a state-of-the-art surveillance system, which would adhere to all of Chelsea’s health and safety and operational compliance.

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