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Supporting better healthcare with ticket-less and barrier-free parking management solutions

Rising demand on the NHS makes itself evident in many ways. One of them is the pressure on parking for hospital staff and visitors.

There are a number of ‘abuse’ issues related to hospital car parking:

● Pay and display - It’s costly paying parking attendants to constantly patrol. Drivers may overstay or not pay and display at all. Drivers might pass on pay and display tickets that still have time remaining; either way, revenue is lost.

Drop-off zones - Hospital drop off zones might allow waiting for anything from 5 – 20 minutes. However, abuse of drop-off zones is widespread. Continual patrolling is the usual approach for catching offenders overstaying and moving them on.

Blue Badge cheats - Abuse of the Blue Badge scheme is widespread, through the misuse of permits issued to disabled people by able-bodied people to gain free, preferential parking in disabled parking bays.

Blocked emergency vehicle access - Vehicles left illegally or inconsiderately may restrict access to ambulances, placing emergency patients at risk by delaying treatment.

One obvious answer is to use gates and barriers to control access to car parking areas and issue tokens or magnetic stripe ticketing on entry to facilitate payment and allow exit. However, barrier queues at hospital entrances can cause traffic to back up on main roads and bar access to emergency vehicles. They are not a magic bullet and can be counterproductive.

iC2 integrated parking management solutions solve hospital parking problems

Hospital parking is managed more effectively and efficiently with an iC2 CCTV-based parking management system. In conjunction with the latest parking management machines and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras integrated through appropriate software, all of these parking issues can be addressed.

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Faultless counting of vehicle movements at every entry and exit point

The solution records the registration mark of every vehicle passing through, effectively counting every vehicle in and out. After parking up, drivers enter registration numbers into pay machines to obtain a confirmation. Before they leave, they enter the registration mark and are able to pay the right amount. They can then return to their vehicles and drive away, counted out by the parking management system.

Drivers can’t cheat by paying and then extending their stay because the system is set to raise a penalty charge notice (PCN) when a vehicle is detected to have overstayed. Similarly, the system issues a PCN when it detects that a vehicle has entered and exited without paying.

For monitoring drop off zones, disabled parking bays and areas which need to remain unobstructed, ANPR is combined with CCTV analytics. This enables these areas to be automatically monitored. When vehicles are detected overstaying in the drop off zones, PCNs can be raised for parking violations. When vehicles are present in areas that need to remain obstruction-free, alerts are sent to parking attendants to intervene.

For disabled bays, facial recognition technology helps to identify people abusing the Blue Badge scheme, enabling them to be challenged if they are cheating. There is a requirement for gates and barriers and they cease to be a source of parking or traffic congestion problems.

Smoothing healthcare worker parking

Managing staff car parking effectively and efficiently is also catered for by the system. Permanent and contract healthcare workers simply go online and register their vehicle details through the hospital trust’s parking management system portal.

The ANPR cameras work with the software and parking management machines to count staff vehicles in and out of their designated parking areas, leaving them free from charges and PCNs. Unauthorised vehicles in staff parking areas are detected and PCNs raised, or other action taken.

Compliance and data protection

All iC2 solutions are fit for the purpose intended. Whether it is compliance with the CQC, or meeting industry standards, such as those of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and the Security Industry Authority, (SIA), or those of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), iC2 meets or exceeds all frameworks. ISO 9001 accreditation underscores our commitment to quality management.

iC2 solutions are all designed to meet the framework for data protection regulation that falls under the control of the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO). Privacy Impact Assessments are used to makes sure CCTV images are managed in line with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Save money and maximise income from hospital parking with iC2

Take the first step towards more effective and efficient management of your hospital car parks. Choose iC2 and consult with us to get the parking management solution that saves you money and ensures your NHS hospital trust maximises income from parking revenues.

Simply call: 020 4538 1271, email: info@ic2cctv.com or fill out our request a quote form and arrange a free consultation.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is widely used by local authorities, police, petrol stations, academic institutions and security services. Our ANPR cameras provide HD accuracy, meaning you can create watchlists, email alerts and on-screen alarms for vehicles you may not want on your premises.

Hospital Security Systems

Whether it’s a NHS trust site, a private hospital, or adult social care home, iC2 provides consultation, project management and installation services to ensure that design, implementation and deployment are technically correct, efficiently managed, and completed to deadline and budget.

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Case Study

Bolton Council

iC2 made a problematic site safer for Bolton Council, protecting the community and the environment with a technically elegant solution for a fly-tipping hotspot.

Case Study

Chelsea FC

iC2 was appointed by Chelsea to help the club fulfil all of their necessary security requirements for Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas. This involved the design and installation of a state-of-the-art surveillance system, which would adhere to all of Chelsea’s health and safety and operational compliance.

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