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Keeping Track

Whether you are hosting a trade show, conference, award ceremony, private party or any other event, it is imperative to ensure the safety of your attendees.

You want your event to be as busy as possible. However, in large crowds it can be difficult to identify, and therefore be able to resolve threats, disturbances or incidents. Therefore, you need a scalable security solution that can adapt to your operational requirements.

Every event has a unique environment of its own, which is why iC2 provides comprehensive assessment, system design, planning, operations training and maintenance for CCTV systems as part of our event security solution.


iC2’s CCTV systems create an environment in which your event can run smoothly and all in attendance feel looked after. With an industry-standard CCTV solution from iC2, your event will have the right tools to protect against threats to event security, such as equipment theft and violent conduct. We will also ensure that you are covered in terms of regulations, have access to video evidence to defend against any legal action which may arise, and avoid adverse press coverage.

Our IP HD CCTV systems support a range of innovative features including visual verification of local alarm activation as well as real-time streaming to mobile devices. Highly-trained experts can remotely monitor your CCTV, allowing continual surveillance of any unmanned areas, while body-worn CCTV cameras enhance the services provided by on-site security personnel, allowing for real-time, mobile monitoring when responding to an incident. Our ANPR number plate recognition software can also help secure car parks, controlling vehicle access to the event.


It is important that attendees are able to relax, and don’t feel intruded upon. Our cameras are highly visible and use appropriate signage, in accordance with regulatory codes, meaning that all those present on the site will be aware of event CCTV, alleviating any concern and deterring potential disruptive behaviour.

iC2’s solutions are all built to meet the regulatory frameworks set by the Information Commissioner’s Office and governed by the Data Protection Act, as well as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, meaning that our systems are also designed and implemented to support data security, prevent unauthorised sharing and misuse of recorded CCTV footage.


iC2s CCTV security solutions provide complete control over the safeguarding of your event. You will be able to observe and track a wide range of viewpoints utilising the latest technology. Our systems slot into existing security management systems and can be used by a wide range of providers.

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