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CCTV integrated security and production monitoring for the Food & Beverage sector

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Protecting property, assets and people; safeguarding against the actions of activists. Monitoring production processes and live animal areas. iC2 CCTV and process monitoring solutions deter, detect and identify and support quality and compliance.

Custom designed and engineered CCTV solutions for the Food & Beverage sector

CCTV is a versatile technology. For the F&B sector this has outstanding benefits for making production facilities safer and more efficient. When it comes to securing a site, integrating security elements such as access control of doors, gates and barriers, fire and intruder alarms, and public address systems enables better protection.

CCTV doesn’t just monitor and detect abnormal or unexpected events that might indicate risks to property assets and staff; it also provides the means of verification of events. For example, an audio entry door system allows verbal entry request and identification. Monitoring the door with integrated CCTV provides visual verification of identity and the entry of any other people.

In the case of fire alarm activation, integrated CCTV provides a double-check of whether a fire has actually started and the extent of a fire and enables correct prioritisation of an appropriate response from on-site security teams.

With software analytics, CCTV becomes a powerful tool for monitoring the actions of people in the workplace and of production processes. Compliance is a key consideration. CCTV helps ensure processes governed by regulatory codes are carried out in line with compliance obligations.

CCTV which enables individuals to be identified, and the operation and installation of some integrated security elements are themselves governed by guidelines, codes of practice and/or regulatory frameworks, which need to be adhered to.

This includes:

  • The HSE for powered gates and barriers and all installation work for security solutions
  • Information Commissioner’s Office enforcement of the Data Protection Act (DPA) as applied to CCTV imagery
  • The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) information security standard

Advanced features including HD cameras, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), facial recognition and software analytics are powerful tools for creating a safer operating environment and monitoring processes for compliance and efficiency.

Typical applications of iC2 CCTV Food & Beverage monitoring solutions

  • Perimeter security for F&B production sites
  • Monitoring of car parks and public areas
  • Intruder and fire alarm integration and verification
  • Live animal area monitoring for slaughterhouses
  • Fit-for-purpose recording and retention – minimum 90 days for slaughterhouses
  • Production process monitoring for abnormal events
  • Automated alerting of abnormal events for manual intervention
  • Automated shutdown of production processes in response to abnormal events
  • Prevention of damage to machinery and delays to production
  • CCTV date and timestamp sync to identify batches with quality issues
  • Asset tracking of barcoded pallets through warehousing areas
  • Transit of vehicles inward and outward through access controlled gates
  • ANPR control of vehicles entering and exiting a site

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