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Construction Industry

The security of your construction site and your ability to guard it from trespassing, theft and vandalism is a concern that runs through every project. Around 6000 break-ins a year cost the industry £800 million.

Despite previously having a reputation as an impractical security system for the construction industry, technological advances have made construction site CCTV the most cost-effective, reliable and comprehensive solution for your project. Its implementation can reduce the security costs of your site by up to 75% compared to manned guarding without compromising on efficiency.

iC2 can offer you unparalleled new construction site CCTV and site access control systems that cover you from the ground up. We are your perfect partner for the design and installation of your integrated security solutions, having gained experience from many projects of all sizes from primary schools to the Europe’s tallest building, The Shard.

We understand that setting up a CCTV network isn’t purely about security. Monitoring operations and ensuring they follow health and safety requirements is just as important. Our systems and solutions provide cutting-edge technology that enable you to monitor every detail of your operations so you can make sure your staff and site is safe at all times.

Why choose iC2 for construction industry security?

Our experience in working within the construction industry means we understand the complexity of your security needs and can tailor make your security system to make sure every area that needs protecting is covered. Our full service solutions mean you won’t have to search elsewhere for additional products as we provide an all encompassing service.

iC2 have every available accreditation in the security industry and the leadership team have over 100 years of combined experience.

What are the options?

The presence of construction site CCTV is often enough to deter trespassing or criminal activity, but if your site were to be infiltrated, iC2’s high-quality and cost-effective CCTV solutions will provide you with video evidence to be used for prosecution. Should you wish to further secure your project, we also offer integrated site access control systems, allowing you to reliably restrict and manage entry to your construction site.

From stand alone solutions to fully integrated systems, iC2 has you covered. Our team of highly trained experts can install your security quickly and efficiently resulting in reduced timeframes and interruptions to your work. Take a look at our security options below:

  • CCTV
  • Analytics
  • ANPR
  • Remote monitoring
  • Access control
  • Gates/barriers
  • Fire alarms
  • Intruder alarms
  • Rising bollards

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Who have we worked with?

The Shard, The Beaumont Hotel,  Mace, many BSF projects (Education)

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