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iC2’s track record of delivering security systems consultancy, design and installation services that support some of the world’s leading businesses translates well on to the objective of protecting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and their families, property and assets.

Challenges of protecting High Net Worth people and public figures

Protecting those of High Net Worth or others in the public eye is a specialised area of security which may have inherent complexities. These often include the need to secure multiple sites such as places of business and residences, sometimes across international locations.

For the most successful, securing remote island locations or maritime assets such as super yachts, may also be considerations. For some it may be necessary to factor in requirements for personal security through the use of close protection.

iC2 process for protecting High Net Worth Individuals

Every HNW project commences with a thorough security audit and risk assessment. Across each site that needs to be secured, the risk assessment evaluates the threat and the audit identifies any countermeasures that are in place. The objective is to identify gaps where threats are inadequately defended and to specify how to improve security so that appropriate protection is put in place.

Protecting the fruits of success:
A security guide for high-net-worth individuals

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Our guide ‘ Protecting the fruits of success: A security guide for high-net-worth individuals’ examines the issue of defending wealthy and public figures from crime and harm.

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Key elements in the HNWI security mix

Perimeter security

The physical security of a site often depends on perimeter fences, walls and gates. Sophisticated electronic perimeter security could include CCTV enhanced with a variety of technologies, such as thermal imaging, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), and motion detection.

Access Control measures including the passage of vehicles through powered gates and access through doors can be integrated, creating a system which enables verification of entry and exit activity and which alerts security personnel to unauthorised activity.

Remote sensing, intruder and fire alarms

Intruder alarm systems equipped with the appropriate sensors enable the detection of forced entry to buildings, protecting valuable assets like antiques, works of art and jewellery from theft.

Remote sensing at an approved security monitoring control centre allows verification of intrusion events and fire alarm activation. This enables the monitoring team to correctly prioritise emergency service response, 24/7.

Lock down and panic rooms

Where perimeter security is breached, or a threat is otherwise perceived, integrating electronic security with locking devices enables a site to be put in to lockdown until the threat is neutralised. Where it may be unfeasible to guarantee lockdown of an entire building, secure panic rooms are a good option for providing safe haven.

Personal security and close protection

One complexity of ensuring security for high net worth individuals is that there may be a requirement for close protection to ensure personal security. Whether it’s to protect from threat of harm or abduction, personal security services take over where technology ends.

In such cases where iC2 needs to protect from physical threat or provide anti-kidnap capability, we work with specialist personal security delivery partners to create a completely bespoke solution for your needs.

Unwittingly, some threats may be made worse by seemingly harmless actions of those being protected. The Internet poses risks, so guidance on online security best practice and the dos and don’ts of social media has an important role to play in getting the details right.

In cases where there are considerations for personal security and travel to conflict zones or other trouble hotspots, iC2 offers tailor-made solutions through its delivery partners.


Whether it’s loose talk or watercooler gossip, inappropriate information sharing is incompatible with delivering high quality security solutions. No matter whether the client is an organisation or a private HNW individual, all iC2 security projects are treated as confidential.

To support this, all personnel are vetted to BS7858:2012 as per the requirements of IC2’s registration with the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). With iC2, you can be sure your security stays a private matter because we observe the highest levels of confidentiality for all High Net Worth client projects.

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