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iC2 is the best place to find Secure Logiq’s ultra-high-performance HD surveillance servers, and quality is guaranteed as Secure Logiq are the world’s leading producer of these high-performance servers. As well as the best surveillance servers the world has to offer, they also produce powerful workstations for the recording and playback of surveillance footage, with a wide range of budgetary variety, so whether you’re an SME, or a world-leading corporation, Secure Logiq have the security solutions to keep your workplace safe.

Secure Logiq’s security solutions enable you to hold footage from any kind of IP CCTV system. As well as this, their high-powered workstations allow you to view and decompress multiple streams of HD CCTV footage without low framerates or similar issues.

In addition they also offer the use of their Logiqal Benchmark Facility, which allows them to create a complete virtual environment replicating your entire IP surveillance system and provides proof that the server hardware is fit for purpose. This software is unique in that it is not offered by any other manufacturer globally.

At iC2, we can help with the installation of Secure Logiq’s high-powered workstations or ultra-high-performance servers. Our professional group of technicians will also provide you with a plan of maintenance, to ensure that your equipment stays in great condition, year-round.


iC2 provides the capability to offer top security solutions for community organisations and commercial companies of all sizes. As the years tick on and security systems become more advanced, so do criminals and their methods of breaching your defences. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep up with the times to ensure your business stays safe. With iC2, we can provide the necessary measures to keep you at ease.

At iC2, we offer a security Risk Assessment and it comes alongside technical analysis of your security systems and solutions. This gives us all the necessary information to highlight and troubleshoot any issues with your existing system and enables us to give you feedback and advice on how to improve your security. We provide all the necessary quotes, proposals and plans to target the vulnerabilities highlighted within the Risk Assessment.

We employ a technical project team with a wealth of experience in designing and installing complex security solutions to the highest possible standard. Whilst our team possesses the ability to design these complex systems, you may have specific preferences and plans in mind for your systems and solutions. We can cater to this for you, just provide us with the plans and we will do the hard work for you. This is all done in line with health and safety standards, current regulations and manufacturer’s recommendations.

To ensure your Secure Logiq CCTV security solution continues to provide the performance necessary to keep your people, premises, and property safe, we offer a high standard of maintenance and support services backed by the Service Level Agreement suitable to your company.

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