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Automatic Numberplate Recognition | ANPR Cameras | ANPR CCTV Cameras

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is widely used by local authorities, police, petrol stations, academic institutions and security services. Our ANPR cameras provide HD accuracy, meaning you can create watchlists, email alerts and on-screen alarms for vehicles you may not want on your premises.

Among others we offer Paxton Net2 Number Plate Readers, which use a built-in infrared camera to read approaching cars before they come to a complete halt. The cameras then pass the information on to the Net2 system to determine access seamlessly so that your gates or barriers respond quickly, saving time while keeping your premises secure from unpermitted vehicles.
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What are the benefits of ANPR?

  • Increased gatehouse efficiency
  • Visual warnings of known perpetrators
  • Ability to set up watch lists
  • Notifications sent via email so you can track your security on the go
  • Control of unauthorised vehicle parking
  • Means of logging all vehicles entering/leaving a location

Options available:

  • Optimisation for all light conditions
  • HD colour day/night view
  • Security enclosure
  • Up to 30m range
  • Pole, wall and pedestal mounting

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