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Rapid Deployment Camera (RDC) solutions

Rapid Deployment Cameras (RDC) | iC2 Distribution

Flexible solutions for when you need to install cameras quickly to provide surveillance fast.

The iC2 Distribution Rapid Deployment CCTV Camera (RDC) provides the ability to commission CCTV coverage of an area quickly.

This enables you to overcome one of the most frustrating aspects of provisioning CCTV security – avoiding the time delay between identifying an urgent need and actually getting cameras installed. It’s a complicated world and this throws up barriers that delay the process right the way through from first identifying a need to final deployment. In some cases, the barriers may equate to insurmountable obstacles.
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Complexities creating barriers to rapid CCTV deployment

  • Significant capital and installation costs
  • Making a well-proven business case for every camera
  • At last, cameras are installed and… the problem has moved on

The iC2 Distribution Rapid Deployment Camera

  • Mount to a wall, corner, or existing infrastructure such as a street lamp
  • ‘Plug ‘n’ Play’ power feed via a commando socket connector
  • Integrated wireless PTP, PTMP, Wi-Fi and 3/4G support
  • Rapid re-deployment to move cameras to where they are needed quickly
  • Solar and wireless options for isolated, remote and difficult to install places

Build it your way for the challenges you need to tackle

iC2 RDC is a completely configurable solution. Each camera is custom built to provide the performance needed to meet the security situations you have to address. Simply tell us what you want to protect and we’ll make sure each camera is custom built to meet your needs.

Best in class performance options mean that from camera resolution and connectivity, right through to streaming, recording and power, cameras are fit for the purpose intended.



Typical configurations

Some example iC2 RDC configurations.

Application Town Centre Parks Farm/Agricultural
Resolution Up to 12MP Up to 12MP Up to 12MP
Connectivity Enterprise Wi-Fi 4G PTMP – 5km max range
Features ANPR Solar options Solar options

Where to use iC2 Distribution Rapid Deployment CCTV Cameras

Rapid Deployment Cameras In Cities, Towns And Communities

For the public sector, the narrative of the past decade or so has been to do more with less; the public purse has shrunk and cash is in short supply. iC2 Rapid Deployment Cameras are an ideal investment for local government organisations which need to maximise the value returned by security infrastructure with flexible redeployable CCTV technology. From protecting city and town centres to wide-open public open spaces, RDCs give local authorities an effective option for helping make communities safer.

Rapid Deployment Cameras For Businesses

Security and Facilities Managers in bigger businesses occupying the larger office, industrial and commercial sites may need to rapidly obtain coverage of an area in response to trespass, vandalism or theft. Whether it’s deterring and detecting perimeter breaches by outsiders, or to monitor the behaviour of insiders, the iC2 Rapid Deployment Camera provides the flexibility today’s businesses need to secure the enterprise.

Rapid Deployment Cameras For Vital Infrastructure

Infrastructure is vital to life as we know it. Security is a primary concern for the utilities and transport assets which play a pivotal role in day to day living for everyone. The security threat is agile, and no matter how well the permanent security system is designed, any gaps in security which might be discovered need to be plugged quickly. Whether protecting the asset itself, or the workforce or the public, iC2 Rapid Deployment Cameras are a flexible asset which provide security managers with redeployable CCTV coverage fast, where and when it is needed.

Rapid Deployment Cameras At Events

Events held in open spaces or rural settings often require temporary infrastructure, however, conventional CCTV is anything but temporary. The iC2 Rapid Deployment Camera is perfect for deploying quickly for short term security requirements. Whether it is music festivals, county shows or fairgrounds and sporting events, RDC enables protection for visitors, participants, performers and staff with best in class CCTV.

Rapid Deployment Cameras In Construction

Construction sites are often temporary but are likely to be of a long duration, from several months to many years, depending on the nature of the project. Preventing the theft of assets and materials is important; but preventing trespass and injury to persons unauthorised for entry is equally so. iC2’s Rapid Deployment CCTV solutions offer outstanding flexibility and capability for protecting a site. And then they are simply moved to the next one…

Rapid Deployment Cameras In The Countryside

Rural businesses such as farms with livestock, plant and machinery as well as food processors, country houses, hotels and estates all tend to have large boundaries and multiple points of access. Often criminals see these as vulnerable with ‘easy pickings’. Wireless iC2 Rapid Deployment Cameras transform the ability of landowners and rural entrepreneurs to protect land, animals and assets.

Take the first step to better security faster

Get greater flexibility and more value from your CCTV security investment with iC2’s Rapid Deployment CCTV solutions. Please contact us to discuss how the RDC helps you improve security to better protect people, property and places. Simply call: 020 3747 1800 or fill out our request a quote form.

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