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Intruder Alarm Systems

Safeguard against forced entry to your premises to protect your physical and intellectual property.

iC2 intruder alarms protect sites and buildings from intruders and unwanted visitors. Intruder alarms typically have sensors at entry points to buildings such as doors and windows. Sensors can also detect motion and be placed under foot to detect people walking through or standing in areas that need to be protected.

Visual clues to the presence of the alarm such as the external bell box may deter forced entry to premises. The sound of the alarm will almost certainly make an intruder think twice once activated.

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Integrating an intruder alarm as part of the overall solution enables enhanced levels of security to be achieved. Visual verification of intruder activity with integrated CCTV ensures police response to site is correctly prioritised. CCTV footage may enable identification of intruders and assist in detection.

The benefits of intruder alarms include:

  • Enhanced security provides peace of mind
  • Reduced insurance rates on some policies
  • Smoother insurance claims and possession replacement

iC2 intruder alarms make sure business, commercial and residential premises are free from unauthorised access through forced entry. Wherever your property may be; whether in London or elsewhere in the UK.

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