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Integrated Security Systems Installation Service

Integrated Security Systems Installation Service

Integrating systems to form a holistic security solution provides the highest levels of protection to defend the widest range of threats.

The main primary types of security system which may be deployed as separate systems are:

Although they perform well in isolation, the greatest benefits are seen when integrating individual systems into a holistic security solution.

Integration brings security under central management control. Information from different systems is viewed on a single screen, simplifying safety and security. CCTV visual confirmation of alarm activation or of data received from other systems provides the verification required when police or fire and rescue assistance is required.

The main benefits of an integrated security solution include:

  • Easier security management
  • Optimised usage of existing systems
  • One point of contact for support
  • Vastly improved site security
  • A centralised, common operating environment for all systems
  • Easy to upgrade as required

iC2 fully supports integrated security solutions with rock-solid SLAs that means you get the appropriate level of support you need whenever you need it.
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