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Networking is the foundation for a truly integrated security solution that lets you properly safeguard people, premises and property.

Networking enables the individual components of your security systems to talk to each other, providing the connectivity essential for creating a truly integrated security solution. iC2 networking services may utilise wireless or cat5e cabling, or a combination of the two to deliver seamless IP based networking for security, telephony and computing.

Our experience in large scale network infrastructure design and implementation means we deliver well designed and easy to manage networks. Networking projects may extend your existing ICT networks, or be completely new installations.

Today’s secure wireless networking technologies means disruption and unsightly visual impact is minimised during and after installation work. iC2 networks enable existing as well as new systems to be fully integrated into your security and access control set up across your site and buildings.

Connecting integrated security systems over the same network as ICT provides the connectivity for CCTV video servers and access to a range of software tools. It also allows the integrated security systems to be remotely monitored and controlled as well as support in the shape of fault diagnosis and rectification over the internet.

Networking integrated security systems with iC2 simply means better connected, easier to manage and improved levels of security.
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