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Security Gates And High Security Barriers

Automated gates, barriers, turnstiles and bollards for industrial, commercial, public, recreational and educational environments.

Security gates and barriers are essential for controlling access by pedestrians and vehicles to a wide range of sites. From a buyer’s perspective one of the most important aspects of security gates is safety, which is something of a grey area. Gates and barriers are large and heavy electrically controlled devices. Incorrect installation, or malfunction during operation may result in tragedy.

They need to be installed and maintained in accordance with best practice and compliance standards. However, there is no official inspection regime and owners, installers and maintenance service providers are legally responsible if found to be at fault when someone is injured or killed. It is believed that of the estimated 500,000 powered gates in the UK only around 10% are safe to use.

iC2 supplies and installs security gates and barriers in full compliance with all relevant legislation as well as specific guidance from the H&SE and best practice. London based, we deliver our services right across the UK. From groundworks required for creating stable mounting points through to high power electrical engineering, all work is carried out to the highest standards.

All regulations and guidance that enable automated security gates and barriers to operate safely are fully observed, including:

  • Providing necessary documentation
  • Measuring closing forces
  • Fitting obstacle sensors
  • Preventing people getting trapped
  • Fitting emergency release mechanisms

Integrating security gates with CCTV to provide remote visual monitoring of entry and exit activity enables higher standards of safety and security to be achieved, anywhere within London or across the UK.
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Automated Gates And Barriers

Security Gates

Automated gates and barriers provide security and convenience while minimising the requirement for security personnel. However, the critical factor is safety. Automated gates and barriers are heavy, powered security system components and misuse, poor installation or malfunction can result in serious physical injury. With iC2 CCTV, you are safe in the knowledge that installation, operation and maintenance of your powered gates and barriers is in line with all HSE guidelines and other applicable codes.

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Security Gates and High Security Barriers

Turnstiles are durable and offer control of large numbers of people on an off a site. Suitable for use with practically any access control system, such as number pad and biometric readers, or pass card operated, linking turnstiles to computerised systems enables rapid updating with information on authorised users. This prevents those without access permission to be barred from entering instantly.

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Rising Bollards

Rising bollards offer convenient, low impact control of access and are especially suitable where people need to move freely and without restriction, but where vehicles need to be barred. Compatible with the entire range of access control systems, including ANPR, pass cards and wireless systems such as GSM mobile phone, rising bollards are one of the safest mechanised systems for preventing the passage of unauthorised vehicles.

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