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Xtag RFID tagging solutions from iC2

World-class protection in healthcare environments

iC2 is a supplier and integrator of Xtag radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging systems. Xtag RFID is a leading technology for securing users of healthcare services which may be at risk. iC2 security consultants and engineers recommend the Xtag system wherever there is a requirement to protect people from certain threats specific to a healthcare environment.

Xtag is the most secure protection system on the market in the world for the prevention of:

  • Abduction attempts of new born babies from maternity suites
  • Being given the wrong baby – the mismatch of mothers with babies
  • Risks to patients in paediatric wards
  • Patient wandering and the risks to those with dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Risks from confusion and uncertainty associated with head injuries
  • Theft and misplacing valuable medical assets in busy hospital departments
  • Failing CQC inspection due to services being ‘unsafe’ or otherwise falling short of an acceptable standard

Deployed as a ‘binary’ system in a maternity suite, and integrated with access control systems that unlock and lock doors, Xtag is able to ensure that a new-born cannot leave the maternity suite unless it is accompanied by its mother.

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iC2 and Xtag RFID tagging solutions

The knowledge and skills of the team of security consultants and engineers at iC2 delivers world-class security solutions. Best of breed security technologies are integrated to form a security solution that meets the needs of your healthcare setting. Risk Assessment and analysis is fundamental to understanding how to design the system so that it is fit for purpose.

Integrating the Xtag RFID tagging system simplifies risk management in healthcare facilities and overcomes many of the drawbacks associated with manually operated electronic access control systems.

Xtag tags are tamper proof and activate alarms if slipped off, disguised, cut or are otherwise damaged. The primary healthcare environments that benefit are hospital units and care homes, reducing risks to babies, children, adults and vulnerable elderly people, as patients or service users.

Using the information gathered during the risk assessment, our security consultants design the solution that meets your needs. Xtag systems are deployed in line with manufacturers recommendations to ensure trouble-free use. iC2 support services are able to ensure reliable operation and are backed by an SLA (Service Level Agreement) to provide the peace of mind that any calls for support to rectify system issues are carried out in a time frame that suits the requirements of your healthcare organisation.

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Xtag RFID tagging for peace of mind and compliance

CQC inspection is a pivotal process that ensures that high standards of care are maintained. Recent years have seen high profile cases of private and NHS healthcare facilities falling short in the standards expected. Whether it is for a private nursing home or a large NHS trust, Xtag supports CQC compliance and provides peace of mind, to staff, patients, service users and relatives alike.

Xtag RFID tagging key features

  • Frees clinicians, nursing and care staff to focus on care rather than security
  • Supports CQC compliance by demonstrating services are safe
  • Password secured system to manage patients and service users more efficiently
  • Quick and simple to use - takes only seconds to enter or remove people
  • Delivers better security, productivity and rapid ROI
  • Constant system vigilance with second-by-second signal monitoring
  • Small, lightweight, hypoallergenic tags
  • Tamper alarm activated if tag is removed or damaged
  • Loitering alarm activated if tagged individual attempts to leave department
  • Defends against ‘tailgating’ - the practice of unauthorised persons close following staff through doors
  • System designed so it does not slow or impede day-to-day operations
  • Out of unit feature sets expected return time for out of department procedures
  • Data logged and retrieved and may be exported for audit and analysis
Make your healthcare environment safer and more secure. Choose iC2 to deploy Xtag RFID tagging as part of your integrated security solution. Please contact us to discuss how a Xtag RFID tagging helps support CQC compliance by better protecting people, property and places. Simply call: 020 3747 1800 or email: info@ic2cctv.com or fill out our request a quote form. Request a Quote