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Vicon Security Cameras, Vicon Security Equipment & Valerus VMS

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Vicon Security Cameras, Vicon Security Equipment & Valerus VMS

iC2 are the best place to find Vicon’s world-class HD Cameras, their camera management system – Valerus VMS, and their access control system, VAX. With solutions such as network and analog cameras, the reliable, proactive, and intuitive Valerus Video Management System, and VAX – a groundbreaking access control system that integrates seamlessly with the Valerus VMS.

Vicon is a global leader in advanced security and surveillance technology to safeguard businesses, schools, municipalities, hospitals, and cities across the world. Their video management system, Valerus, is a full-featured video management system engineered to streamline every aspect of your security operation. It’s loaded with powerful features to improve response times, expedite forensic searches and reduce ongoing maintenance costs. With its AI-driven analytics and deep integration with VAX Access Control, Valerus delivers a complete security solution for nearly every industry.

Vicon’s powerful VAX Access Control solution, designed for ease-of-use and flexibility, combines intuitive user interface software with versatile hardware, delivering absolute control and real-time views from any web-browser device. The VAX system was designed for complete integration with Valerus video management software, allowing for the automatic linking of Valerus video with corresponding access control events and ensures the ultimate in ease-of-use and flexibility.

Often, companies use security systems and IT solutions from different providers, and this can lead to headaches and complications, Vicon were aware of this, and that is why they created two services, VAX and Valerus VMS, that are seamlessly integrated and designed to be used together, alongside a camera system.


iC2 and Vicon world-class security solutions:

iC2 provides the expertise to deliver world-class security solutions for public organisations and commercial enterprises of every size.

iC2 security Risk Assessment and analysis provides the necessary details we need to enable us to assess your security needs. We develop detailed plans, proposals and quotes for Vicon’s networked – or their analog – CCTV security systems and the VAX access control system to address the vulnerabilities identified in the Risk Assessment.

Our skilled project and technical team will install your Vicon solution to the highest standards and in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. All work is conducted in compliance with all applicable standards to ensure the health and safety of your employees, visitors, members of the public as well as our engineers. Our close relationship with Vicon means we have access to the right channels to escalate issues and resolve issues quickly.

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