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Case Study: A safer environment to deliver better learning outcomes for The Leigh Academy

Exemplary safeguarding and the duty of care

For many people there is a perception that public sector organisations have to uphold higher standards than their private sector counterparts. In part, this is inferred by the central mission of each. A private business exists to generate profit from servicing customers, whereas a public organisation exists only to serve the needs of citizens and society as a whole.

However, when it comes to educational establishments there is no such distinction. Private as well as state-funded schools all need to demonstrate exemplary practice and governance around safeguarding and the duty of care.

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Understand how to take control with CCTV

The case study of our solution for The Leigh Academy in Dartford, Kent helps those responsible for managing school security systems understand how our solutions let schools and other public sector organisations take control, by ensuring sites remain safe for all users.

The case study:

  • Features an interview with a senior decision maker to provide thoughts and insight
  • An overview of the different factors that create the need for good CCTV performance
  • Explains the performance gains and how this drives further improvement to the system

Preserving investment in public infrastructure with iC2

Downloading the case study ‘Creating a safer environment to help The Leigh Academy deliver better learning outcomes’ today shows how private and state-funded educational establishments are able to achieve higher standards of security with the right consulting and advice from a reputable and expert NSI accredited security systems company.

All organisations, whether private or public, have to achieve cost efficiency. The case study explains how the working life of a large number of existing cameras was extended with upgrades, preserving the public investment already made in the infrastructure.

Click here to download the case study.

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