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ICT services to keep school networks secure and technology ready to support learning

Safeguarding in schools and the convergence of CCTV and networks

There are three key aspects to safeguarding in schools:

  • Physical security – protecting people, premises and property
  • Digital security – preventing loss of data, hacking and other cyber crime
  • Online security – protecting against online abuse such as bullying, grooming & trolling

The last of these mostly depends on teaching young people about the dangers of the Internet and encouraging thoughtful use of personal information.

The first two are about ensuring the right technologies are deployed and that they are operated, managed and maintained so as to remain effective and CCTV is often the central component of a school security system. It is often integrated with physical security systems such as barriers and gates and fire and intruder alarms.

Today’s CCTV systems make use of powerful digital IP cameras that combine outstanding imaging capabilities with the convenience of wireless computer-based networking. This convergence of ICT with security systems only increases the requirement for schools to ensure their networks remain secure.

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ICT services to keep school networks safe and secure

iC2 ICT services enable schools to obtain the expertise they need to ensure computer networks remain safe. Compliance, privacy and data protection are key considerations. Failing to ensure networked security systems remain properly protected exposes the school as well as young people to risk.

The security systems industry has been a little slow to embrace new technology. Consequently there is a gap where few security system service providers understand network security. Many are unable to provide the depth of knowledge and resource to provide the assurances around network security that schools require. iC2 was an early adopter, embracing digital CCTV from its inception. Consequently we are leaders in deploying IP CCTV systems, securing networks and providing ongoing support.

Beyond protecting school network security: Better learning outcomes

iC2 provides a comprehensive set of ICT services to make sure technology in schools runs smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s supporting ICT in the classroom or providing back up to the internal team in looking after the server, storage and network infrastructure, iC2 expertise and experience supports better learning outcomes. We tailor and manage the services you require to make sure ICT in your school functions as you want it to.

Safer networks and better learning outcomes with iC2

iC2 is trusted to deliver and maintain security solutions by educational establishments of all types. Acton High School in West London trusts us and you can see more about what we do for it by clicking here.

To find out more about how we can help your school to enjoy the benefits of a more secure network and get ICT services that support better learning outcomes, click this link to go to our ICT services page.

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