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From the perspective of security, healthcare environments are challenging. Many are large, complex sites that have grown organically. They are also places where distress and emotion often runs high, leading to impulsive, irrational behaviour. This may threaten the safety of staff, visitors and patients or service users.

Consequently, providing appropriate security that is fit for purpose can only be done after a thorough and expert evaluation of the threats. iC2 risk assessments are conducted by security consultants that have significant experience in designing integrated security solutions for leading healthcare facilities, including NHS hospitals.

Whether it’s a NHS trust site, a private hospital, or adult social care home, iC2 provides consultation, project management and installation services to ensure that design, implementation and deployment are technically correct, efficiently managed, and completed to deadline and budget.


iC2 integrated security solutions supports CQC and all other applicable compliance codes

For every regulated healthcare service, CQC compliance is a critical consideration. Failing CQC inspection opens the door to a range of regulatory actions. The CQC’s public disclosure means high profile cases create PR problems, shaping the perceptions of patients, service users, relatives and staff.

The first of the five key questions the CQC asks about the services of any provider is: Are they safe? The CQC seeks to be able to say to every patient or service user: “You are protected from abuse and avoidable harm.” For every service provider, it’s security arrangements are key factors in determining whether the CQC believes this statement to be true.

CCTV, Compliance and the NHS:
A Guide to the Wellbeing for Hospital Security Managers

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Our guide ‘CCTV in hospitals: A compliance wellbeing guide’ helps those responsible for security in healthcare facilities to better understand CCTV compliance in NHS trusts and adult social care settings.

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iC2 provides security solutions that are fit for the purpose of helping to create a safe environment designed to protect from abuse and avoidable harm. Whether it is compliance with the CQC, or meeting industry standards, such as those of the National Security Inspectorate (NSI) and the Security Industry Authority, (SIA), or those of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), iC2 meets or exceeds all the frameworks. ISO 9001 accreditation underscores our commitment to quality management.

CCTV is a core element in many integrated security systems and it is governed by a number of different codes, guidance and legislative instruments. iC2 solutions are all designed to meet the framework for regulation that falls under the control of the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) and governed by the Data Protection Act (DPA).

It should be noted that the UK security systems industry is essentially unregulated and firms that wish to demonstrate an exemplary commitment to quality, safety and customer service need to actively pursue an agenda of voluntary regulation. iC2 is proud to pursue such a program.


What does iC2 integrate to create holistic security solutions for healthcare settings?

Designing a system to address all the elements identified by a Risk Assessment often requires integration of several security systems. Integrating systems means outputs and control systems are concentrated at a central monitoring station. This may be at an internal hospital security station or at an external monitoring station compliant with the requirements of the emergency services.

    • IP networked, HD megapixel cameras, digital imaging recording
    • Deter, detect and identify those exhibiting undesirable behaviour
    • IP HD CCTV supports other systems and prevents ‘false positives’ by enabling visual verification of alarm activation, access activity or any other alerted event
    • Real-time camera images viewed on mobile devices equip first responders with live, real-time video – invaluable when investigating a dynamic situation
  • Access control
    • Audio entry systems
    • Number keypad entry systems
    • Biometric fingerprint reader entry systems
    • Swipe cards/fobs (‘token’) entry systems
    • Tagging, including ‘binary’ systems where two complementary tags need to be presented, such as mother & baby tags for maternity units
  • Alarm systems
    • Intruder alarms
    • Fire alarms
  • Sound monitoring
  • PA systems to warn trespassers off before committing intrusion offences
  • Gates and barriers
  • ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) vehicle identification


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