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Hospital CCTV Systems

Hospital CCTV Systems

Being large, complex institutions containing vulnerable people, hospitals require particularly extensive and effective CCTV solutions. As a hospital administrator, you need a CCTV network that can both track and record wide areas of potentially cluttered, crowded or difficult buildings and a system that preserves patient privacy while ensuring patient and equipment safety. Hospital CCTV solutions need to be fit for a wide variety of purposes, including coverage of public areas, appropriate monitoring of more sensitive areas and protecting hazardous waste and pharmaceutical storage areas.

iC2 provides comprehensive assessment, system design, planning, operations training and maintenance for hospital CCTV systems as part of our integrated hospital and healthcare security solution.


All iC2 CCTV systems are designed as part of a CQC compliant network that ensures you’ll be covered in terms of regulations, have access to video evidence to defend against legal action and avoid adverse PR and media coverage.

iC2 CCTV systems help create a safer environment for patients, staff and visitors and that supports the 5 key questions used by the CQC to determine whether care meets the required standard. With an industry-standard CCTV solution from iC2, your hospital gets the right tools to help detect and prevent abuse, avoidable harm, theft and other security and safeguarding issues.

Our IP HD CCTV systems are IP networked with HD megapixel cameras and HD digital image recording. This supports a range of innovative features including visual verification of local alarm activation and alerts as well as real-time streaming to mobile devices to allow a dynamic response to ongoing situations. ANPR number plate recognition software helps to secure car parks and external areas and can be used to control vehicle access across the site.


The nature of hospitals means patients may suffer the loss of dignity or experience trauma, after which they may be concerned about the CCTV footage of the event. iC2 solutions are all built to meet the regulatory frameworks set by the Information Commissioner’s Office and governed by the Data Protection Act. Our systems are designed and implemented to support data security, prevent unauthorised sharing and misuse of recorded CCTV footage.

Our cameras are clearly visible and appropriate signage, as required by the regulatory code, ensures that hospital CCTV is highly visible, an essential factor in deterring undesirable behaviours and helping patients, staff and visitors to feel safer.


iC2 CCTV security solution for hospitals and healthcare facilities provides complete control. Our systems slot into security management systems and can be used by a variety of security providers. Systems are highly flexible and this includes allowing you to observe and track a wide range of viewpoints, such as body-worn cameras for staff, as well as internal and external IP HD CCTV cameras.

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